In Drexl, Promo by Drexl

Close your eyes…

Go to sleep.

Imagine your worst nightmare. Before you stands a monstrous puppeteer; a grotesque portrait of malevolence with razor sharp appendages who wishes to weave his dark threads into the tapestry of your life.

His red light bathes your world, mercilessly tugging at the marionette-like strings which bind you to his rule. With each visit he pays you, the flick of his cold, metallic blades snip away at your resolve and sanity as though they were hairs on top of your head.

Repeatedly and with evil intent, the puppeteer plays out his twisted games, manipulating your every thought – deviously disguising himself under the guises of others.

In this distorted world of his design, the people you have come to know well become mere illusions before your very eyes. Their smiles warp into sinister grins and their voices echo with mocking laughter, becoming instruments of your torment.

Your instinct is to react; to lash out and strike down the vile hallucinations that appear in front of you.

Then, as he slinks back into the shadows from whence he came, taking his dreaded red light with him, you are forced to gaze upon the aftermath of your violent retaliations.

The weight of their blood stains your conscience and their fading faces haunt your every waking moment, whilst your worst nightmare – the villainous orchestrator of it all –revels in your misery.

Delighting in the power he wields over your broken mind.

You know something, motherfucker? You may be used to your prudently pegged victims bending over and taking it up the ass, but you should have done your homework before picking on someone like me, cause ol’ Drexl is built a bit differently.

They broke the mould when they made me, you big fucking prick.

See – whilst others might be willing to teeter on the precipice when it comes to your little fun and games, I realise there’s a choice to be made.

Remain fastened in your fiendish ways, or sever the puppeteer’s strings – once and for all.

You seem to be forgetting who you’re dealing with, jack; I’ve made a living out of manipulating people and watching them burn. Like you, I’m in the business of fear and exploitation, so I sure as shit recognise when a cunt like you preys upon the vulnerabilities of others – exploiting their emotions, and holding them captive in a cycle of despair.

People like that? They may be prepared to sign their lives away to the likes of us, Scissors, but not me, motherfucker.

I am the puppeteer of my own fucking destiny.

At Uprising, I will finally put to rest the innocent lives claimed by your puppetry by breaking free from your insidious grasp.

I will expose the truth behind your enigmatic façade by confronting the red light, resisting its pull and shattering the illusions that have been hiding behind it.

And as your power slowly begins to wain, Scissors; as your strings begin to snap, one by one, and the fog of deception lifts to reveal what’s beneath it, the world will finally know the best worst kept secret in Arcadia.

Felix fucking Foley.

Everyone’s’ favourite stooge.