Sweet Tooth

In Colt Ramsey, Promo by Colt Ramsey

There’s a kid in a candy shop, his eyes fixated on all the treats contained within.

It’s all that kid could ever ask for, and the only thing speaking louder than his mind is his sweet tooth.

“Go on, then…get all the candy you can.”

So, the kid bugs his parents enough and they buy him a large satchel full of the stuff.

Chocolates, gummies, the whole kit and kaboodle.

When they get home, the parents tell their son to save the sweets for dessert…but that sweet tooth is ringing loud in his ear.

“What’s wrong with a little treat?”

The kid staunchly ignores his parents, running to his room with the bag before opening it up and taking a chocolate bar out.

He tears through the wrapper, immediately taking a big ol’ bite out of it…and within seconds, the bar is gone.

But it’s not enough for the sweet tooth.

“Go on, have another.”

So he does…and the cycle quickly repeats.

The sweet tooth is behind the wheel as the kid goes through half a bag’s worth…only stopping when his stomach starts to ache.

And that’s when the sugar rush kicks in.

Fueled by one too many treats, the kid becomes insufferable, annoying and angering his folks in the process.

He insists he’s fine…after all, his sweet tooth has been satisfied.

Except that the sweet tooth lied to him, set him up for a fall.

The rush becomes a crash, and the kid is exhausted…a victim of his selfishness.

What’s that feel like, Teddy?

A man of your reputation knows a thing or two about that sweet stuff, and how people respond to the offer of a treat.

You also know what those treats will do to someone who isn’t careful.

Just a shame you don’t see the same fate falling upon you.

The sweet tooth of success has called you all the way up to Olympus, to try and take the sweet spoils of victory.

And, to some degree, you’ve satisfied that hunger, that desire to achieve something great…but it’s not quite enough, is it?

All that first taste of victory did was trigger the sweet tooth to demand more and more.

A sugar rush that drives you toward getting everything you’ve ever wanted.

But now, you’ve turned the corner.

Your past successes have brought you to Colt Ramsey, a man looking to satisfy his own craving.

And that’s gonna come at your expense.

There’s nothing sweet about what I’m gonna do to ya, Teddy.

Your sweet tooth lied to you, set you up for a mighty big fall.

That sugar rush just came to a dead end.

And now, you get to deal with the consequences of your actions.

The crash comes falling down upon you.

And ol’ Colt is gonna be the one to drop you to your lowest point.

Leaving you with a nasty toothache like you’ve never felt before.

Watching you crawl away, exhausted from the pain.

A victim of following your sweet tooth.