The Right Thing

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“Someone’s home was broken into not that long ago. The crooks intended to steal anything that wasn’t nailed down and sell their loot for credits.”

“They attacked the homeowner in the process of nabbing everything they could. The proprietor retaliated, attacking the thieves with a knife and slicing them open.”

“As the thugs ran out and the owner chased them, the APD happened to take notice of what was going on. They might not have noticed the burglary, but they did notice the landlord chasing after the crooks with a knife.”

“Based on their observation, they arrested the homeowner for assault with a deadly weapon. When told what really happened, they responded by saying that the proprietor should’ve done the legal thing and taken it up with a consultant.”

“Had they done that, the bandits would’ve made off with everything in the home and earned enough credits to bribe the officers from arresting them.”

“Had they talked to a consultant, they would have been drained of whatever dignity and credits they had left, leaving them completely humiliated and broke.”

“Instead, the homeowner decided to do the right thing and prevent those criminals from stealing from them ever again.”

“They took the law into their own hands, something Damien Wolfe doesn’t want people that were wronged to do.”

“People like him are on the prowl for those that suffered by the hands of the lowlifes of Arcadia. They feed off the credits and self respect of the poor saps that subscribe to their services and give massive amounts of paperwork in return.”

“They want you to bleed yourself dry and kiss their feet as they supply you with busywork that results in no justice being done. They’re the ones reaping all the rewards as they force you to give away everything you have just for an inkling of progress.”

“Nothing will actually get done though. The injustice won’t be righted after you sign that ten thousandth piece of paperwork and your case, much like several of those before you, will fall by the wayside.”

“The legal thing only results in credits burning a hole in Damien’s pockets while you waste away, done in by the scam known as Arcadia’s legal consultant system.”

“That’s why I’m raging against the machine and doing the right thing.”

“I refuse to fall in line and fill out forms that result in nothing being done about the people that killed my family. I refuse to bend the knee and line your pockets with what little I have left just so you could mess with more puppets.”

“I’m going to take the law into my own hands. When we meet at Olympus, I’m going to do the right thing and protect Arcadia, my home, from a crook that thinks he can steal in the name of legality.”

“When I’m through with you, I’ll take pride in knowing that something finally got done and justice was finally achieved.”

“On Monday, this scam you’re peddling will burn to the ground alongside you.”