In Promo by Luke Storm

When I broke into Hollywood, my first flick was an ensemble picture.

Me, Tanya, and George.

Bright eyed and bushy-tailed, we were ready to take Hollywood by storm, no pun intended. Every move we made was calculated to maximize our successes. Producers knew that when we walked on set, we owned it.

Because we stuck together. It made us stronger, able to withstand the pressures of Hollywood.

Then came Stan Harvey.

He was a big shot producer with his own studio. Everyone knew he was a creep, but he was too powerful to get rid of.

So when he invited Tanya to his office to talk about a leading role, we warned her against it. But she went anyway, she said she could handle it.

After she got her first big role, she told us that nothing had happened, that he was just as much of a creep as we all thought.

We thought we were coming along, but when George got cast as a co-lead with her, something very weird happened.

Mr. Harvey got George booted from the role. He blackballed us from his studio, and vowed to make our lives a living hell.

I didn’t think George and I would talk again.

And Tanya? She didn’t give a fuck. She went on to star in his movies over and over again as a true A-lister.

But my boy and I were tight. We sat down, and used what we knew. No matter how many rejections we faced, we got ourselves back a podium. And when we did, George and I put Harvey on blast.

When the dust settled, he was disgraced from Hollywood. Tanya went down with him, as his main squeeze, sacrificing everything for one bright burst of the spotlight.

Me and George? We’re still plugging away, doing what we do best.

Just like me and Zero now.

See Pyre, you’re just like Tanya was. Beautiful. Ambitious. Talented.

Huge bitch, though.

When we all linked up, we talked like we were going to rule the whole fucking world. And we kicked a lot of ass.

A lot.

But I should have known that when Simon came a calling, that he’d find a way to rope you in. Everyone knows who he is. Everyone.

We should have known that if you wanted that divorce, you’d just off him. The fact that you said you had it under control but didn’t do anything should have been a warning sign.

Zero was blinded by love, but I was blinded by stupidity for not seeing it.

When Simon showed up to kick Zero out of the spotlight, I should have known you were behind it.

And now you’re the Champ and he’s the Commish.

But at Heatwave, we got us a podium. You and your boy are going on blast.

Make no mistake, when the dust settles at the end of the night, you’re going to watch your time in the sun dry right up as you go down with Simon.

Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll remember that Luke Storm and Zero are Bad Mother Fuckers.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll remember that you ain’t shit!