Twist of Fate

In Promo by Banzan

“They say a tiger cannot change its stripes, a leopard cannot remove its spots.”

But neither do they truly understand the fate that gave them their spots and stripes in the first place.

Is our fate inevitable? Or are we all tigers and lions, each seeking to find our own truth. Learning through our journey if we truly have spots or stripes?

Each finding our own path, no matter the twists and turns that path may take.

A kitten had become lost. It had strayed from its mothers side, and been found by a litter of puppies. They brought the kitten home to their mother, who raised the kitten as its own.

As the kitten grew, it assimilated the role of a puppy. It became like its siblings, even developing a form of bark that would replace its mew.

What was once the kitten’s path, as it were born, changed the moment it met its adopted mother. Everything it was fated to become, adapted and evolved as life around it changed.

The little kitten, with a twist of fate, had in effect become a puppy.

Fate is no mere matter of black and white.

Change is inevitable. Moments of life occur where our path twists and turns and we find ourselves at a crossroad where fate becomes murky. While some never rise to meet the change in their lives, they become the leopard that never changes its spots. For others, this twisting of fate is thrust upon them, and like the kitten… They either adapt to their fate or they crumble in the process.

Chronoa, you see fate as a matter of black and white. You study it. It has become the very fabric of your being. You exist to hunt out the inner workings of this fate, and you cannot see the forest through the trees.

Clearly, to you, my being must make no sense.

For if it did, I should have been buried long ago.

And yet, time and time again, the hatchet of fate has not struck a killing blow. Instead, I have watched as every person around me has suffered the blow destined for me.

Aesop. Tenchu. Lucy Seraphina. Helveig. Darklord.

Their fates are sealed, yet mine remains clouded.

Such is a cruel twist of fate, but not of my doing.

I am no tiger, seeking to change its stripes. I am wondering, as are you , just what those stripes mean.

What is the meaning of my fate?

My life’s path?

You seek to destroy me, to attack for matters of fate that you simply do not understand.

There are some questions that cannot be answered, puzzles that are to remain unsolved. You seek, but not to find an answer to this fate. You seek only to justify your narrow mind. To find the answer that you think is correct.

I am not here to provide you with that answer, or to help you sleep at night.

I’m merely a tiger wondering what its stripes mean.

If you back me into a corner, I will pounce.