Tempered Wisdom

In Albert Lamplight, Promo by Albert Lamplight

“Today, I am a fortunate man.”

[Albert sits in front of workbench in the basement level of Illumination Antiques.]

[With a pair of glasses covering his eyes, and a headlamp on, he’s concentrated on something.] 

“I have my beautiful store back.”

All of my illuminations – restocked, repolished, rebirthed.”

“I am the Double Feature champion.”

[We now see that prestigious title, but it seems to be secured.] 

But – today doesn’t last forever. There’s time to rest while night remains, but tomorrow is another day of business. There shouldn’t be expectations that it’s going to be anything like today. Because of that, I am also a wise man. This beautiful store of mine is now fully supported with a state-of-the-art security system, and a few other bells and whistles.”

“Oh, and this beautiful gem of mine that I worked so hard to earn from Gemini? She’s in double-layered, tempered glass with fireproof insulation… and ballistics resistance when not wrapped around my waist. Why?”

[For the first time, Albert’s focus shifts. He slaps his hands against his thighs in excitement and jumps up to his feet.] 

“I’ll tell you why – because I’ve… learned my lesson. I have RECOVERED and redeemed myself… HOWEVER… I’m not too prideful to know where I was, who I was, and what it took to get me back here.”

“Today, Vision is a fortunate man.”

[Albert paces back and forth. Headlamp still secured. A finger against his lip.]

“For he has his life secured for one more night.”

“He can rest his third eye for the evening in gleeful slumber, knowing that the monster has opted to stay at bay for now – his hunger refocused, at least, for now. But when tomorrow comes, Vision, will you also be wise?”

“The most important lesson that I’ve learned is that without Albert Lamplight – there’s no Illumination Antiques. It is up to me to identify this or else that’s the end of the game for me. In your case, without the illumination of life to lead it, your mind’s eye becomes matterless.

Obsolete – as blank as it would be without your fortunes.”

Everything that you ever worked for – all the pain that you went through in order to see things transparently – for absolutely nothing. You chose to walk away when death stared deeply inside of you – deeper than even you have ever been – and there is a reason for that.”

“For each light I’m able to turn on in this store, just like each breathe you take now, I realize that we both have bigger things left to fulfill in our purposes. We conquered the monsters, with every blood, sweat, and tear in our bodies – and are able to move forward tomorrow just as we anticipated.”

“When the blood was on your hands, to the point where death knocked boldly against your front door…” 

“There’s really only one question to ask you, Vision.” 

“Have you learned your lesson yet?” 

“I have. Remember?” 

[Albert taps the case that holds the Double Feature title.]

Tempered glass, sir.” 

“But alas, if that isn’t enough, please don’t fear any further.” 

“My name… is Albert Lamplight. And I’m here to illllluuuminate you.”