In Promo by Sigil

“A rubber band is an interesting thing.”

“If it lies still, it doesn’t do much.”

“But if you take it and stretch it, it builds up tension. This stress can be used for a variety of things, be it sling-shotting a rock over the horizon or snapping a welt onto a man’s wrist.”

“However, it’s most notable use is bundling.”

“Say for instance you wished to bundle a plethora of metal rods together. You would take the band and stretch it around the first, then second, the third…”

“Going on to infinity until either you run out of rods or the band reaches its limit.”

“But what happens when the band stretches as far as its elasticity allows?”

“It snaps.”

“You see, all that tension, that stress, that gave it its power? It’s also its biggest weakness.”

“For every rod that it collects into its legion of metal it also stretches itself thinner and thinner, the tension growing until it can no longer contain it.”

“The band breaks, the rods go spilling all over the floor, and everything the band was meant to do becomes meaningless in an instant.”

“And all one had to do to make it fail was to make it do as it was designed to do.”

“Impaler, I speak to you not as the man behind the mask, but as the demon who inhabits it.”

“The infernal rubber band which behinds a legion of doomed souls into its demented little family.”

“For ages you have sought to collect a legion of steel bars within the confines of your grasp, haven’t you? You stretch and expand your reach as far as it will go, pulling in soul after soul, bar after bar as your horde forever grows.”

“But everything has its limit, doesn’t it?”

“The longer you grow, the more bodies that join your little family the more stress is placed upon your mask and soul.”

“Those beneath your mask, the rods you bind, are constantly fighting for freedom. Just as your current body wished to be free of you at Red Snow do all of them push against your tightened grasp.”

“You won’t be able to hold them forever, and as you continuously grasp for more bodies to add to your legion… you’ll run yourself thin.”

“And, eventually, as even the strongest rubber band does, you’ll reach your limit.”

“The bindings will snap.”

“And those who you held onto for so long will tumble into the aether, freed from your constraints.”

“In our match I plan to pull and stretch your limits, pushing you as far as they can go as I yank at the soul you’ve trapped in your legion.”

“You’re going to snap one day, Impaler.”

“And I’ll happily expedite the process.”

“Because when you finally reach the point of no return, and your mask finally becomes worn and frayed? I’ll be there.”

“Ready to collect the remnants of a now worthless rubber band.”

“I have walked this path before, Impaler.”

“I shall walk it once more.”