In Promo by Sir Bellator

The birth of Jesus came during the reign of King Herod.

A pathetic king with a large ego, and when three Wisemen came from distant lands speaking of the birth of the ‘King of the Jews’, he feared the loss of his own power.

So he called upon these three men to seek out this messiah.

His plans were sinister, and being the taskmaster that he was, King Herod didn’t let the Wisemen in on his true plot.

In truth, Herod wanted to kill the messiah.

And he through he could trust his men to help him along the way.

But ultimately, those Wisemen wised up to the King’s plans They never brought the wicked King the information he would seek.

And so Jesus was born, the Messiah of the world.

The Slaughterhouse isn’t exactly the place where you’d expect to find a messiah walking amongst our midst.

Though then again, never was a grotty stable in the back of Bethlehem.

And yet, Luke Storm walks before us with a messiah’s aura… Believing he’s God’s given gift to this Earth.

The very ground he stands upon, he expects worshipped at his feet.

His very name should send shudders down the spines of those that hear it.

And from the Wisemen that seek him out… Nothing short of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Only, those Wisemen that Simon sent… They’re not exactly wise.

They’re more like a parading band of muppets.

And when you send muppets to do your dirty work, things aren’t going to turn out the way you planned.

King Herod was turned on by Wisemen that learned of a better way, and Jesus was spared the King’s blade.

Simon’s own not-so-Wisemen have continued to fail him at every twist and turn, but not through lack of trying.

And Luke Storm still walks this Earth.

You’ve failed, Simon, just as Herod failed. You put your FAITH in your own ability and in that around you. You expected to stand united with Jet Set Radio and take OSW by storm, and yet we’re still waiting for the Jet Set Radio to find it’s frequency.

Those Wisemen of yours seem to give you nothing but static.

But it doesn’t fare too well for you either, Luke Storm.

You’re the messiah, the chosen one. The original Bad Mother Fucker that walks on bloody water.

You won’t fare much better than Simon in your endeavours.

After all, even Jesus died for the purposes of the Lord.

You see, gentlemen, I serve he who resides over all. I stand united with my brethren in our mission. It is that mission that brings us strength.

Where you seek only to bring yourselves glory, it is this very ego that will always continue to divide you.

Vayikra stands as a three cord strand, serving that which is bigger than ourselves. Giving glory to something greater.

Messiahs and egotistical Kings will never see eye to eye, and that will forever be your downfall.

Your own ego stands in your way.

“United WE stand, divided YOU fall.”