The Black Knight

In Promo by Lucy Seraphina

The feared Black Knight is a figure you can you can find Arthurian legends; People can’t figure who it is nor can they deiced if it’s actually Sir Lancelot or Sir Morien because of his skin colour.

Many of times the Black Knight was a villain in the stories; and of course the White Knight would be the hero and save everyone.

But here with OSW, a new Knight has come to try and become something. He isn’t a white or black knight, but a Silver one.

Well that’s new, never seen a Silver Knight before. But what does this knight stand for? What does he quest? He stands up for chivalry and knows to fight. Can the Knight though complete his quest; normally a knight has one and if I had to guess his quest would be to find his version of the grail; to be remembered in OSW as someone who does what’s right and that the people can cheer for him.

If anyone has completed a quest time after time, it’s me. You can call me a Black Knight if you want but words don’t matter; only actions Sir Knight. And your actions haven’t truly made an impact, if anything if you maybe apply yourself more, it might.

People say that I bring a reign of terror, but that’s not the truth; if only thing I am a White Knight.

A White Knight who stains her armor in blood of those who harm others.

Avalon, you’re not Arthurian legend, you’re no silver knight who is going to swoop in and save day.

No, you’re the Black Knight who has come to terrorize OSW and Mordecai and I will out a stop before your reign of terror can start.

It’s two White Knights against One Black Knight and we already know the outcome of this.

Like a Black Knight, you have no real quest you’re on. You only know pain and wanting to inflicted it on others and I can’t have that. Tho, I am an assassin, I do have morals. Black Knights do not.

You are in over your head.

My quest is to destroy the Sabbat, in turn it protects the Masquerade and both Kindred and Kine. Without a Quest you’re bound to fail Black Knight.

To think a Black Knight that has walked among men and angels for “three-thousand years” could get away with his crimes isn’t good.

May God have mercy on your soul, I won’t.

Black Knights are just as bad as the Sabbat; you live to see death and destruction, evil over the light…

But the light cannot be extinguished.

No matter how hard you try, you will only be a prisoner of your own demise. I challenge you to prove me wrong.

Show me that you are the White Knight that is in this story. For us both, time has no end.

Just like every story, the Black Knight loses and his story ends…

Just like yours.

“House Tremere always wins”