Primary Colours

In Promo by Vigour

Colour is fucking amazing, right?

It astounds me every time I think about it, that everything in this world is some sort of mixing pot, and the colours that surround us are the work of some artist deity who wanted his creation hung up in some intergalactic fucking museum.

But when you boil it down, when you really get to the nitty gritty…

The whole world is made from just three colours.

The primary colours.

A dab of red and a splash of yellow and you’ve got the golden orange of a sunrise. A pinch of red and smidgeon of blue and you’ve got a fucking eggplant. Incredible.

But the colours of the world have come to mean so much more just because of their constancy.

When you see red you think of anger. A burning blaze of ire that can topple buildings and engulf forests. You think of a team like bMf, whose burning fire only recently lit the funeral pyre for one of their own. But red is also the colour of blood, and High Stakes certainly have a penchant for that, whether devouring or spilling.

And when you see blue you might think of calm serenity, like the meditation of Banzan, the briny seas that Grimwolf sails or the uninterrupted sleep that Sandman’s victims crave.

Yellow? The yellow bellied scum of Vayikra show the cowardice that people associate often with that hue, as well as the link to God through the shared colour of the sun. Yellow is also the colour of deceit, a practice that Simon, Sigil and Deathnote are extremely well versed in.

Sometimes a mix of two of the colours will appear. In orange you see the colour associated with warning signs, cones and hi-visibility clothing, and there is no team that needs to bear warning more than Chronoa, Corvus and SeeSaw, who can’t be trusted to sit in a room without some tragedy befalling those within it, never mind anything else. And in purple you see the arrogance and condescension of the Purple Pelican Wiz and the rest of his Jet Set crew.

But the truth is, try as hard as they might, none of these groups will ever realise their full majesty. They only take up part of the spectrum, and so only some colours are open to them.

Not like The Rainbow Party, who shine their bright light through a prism and expose the world to every single colour you could imagine. The red of love that describes STARBOY down to the ground, the yellow happy-go-lucky nature of TGK, and the blue sincerity and honesty I show to everyone I meet, we all meld into one rainbow of colour. We compliment each other exactly and the good and bad of every colour is perfectly balanced.

So with our red passion and love you’ll still see the anger at the injustice we see. With the yellow happy-go-lucky nature you’ll still feel the excess we exude. And from the light blue serenity you’ll soon see the dark blue storm brewing.

You’d better get ready to expand your fucking colour palette.