In Promo by Starboy

The star football player at the University STARBOY was attending was known to be quite the bully.

He played his star status to his advantage every chance that he got.

He had no problem sticking his nose up in the air like his shit don’t stank.

He plowed his way through the cheerleading team and through the resident sororities on campus.

Little known fact: he had a little black book that he wrote down every girls name he wanted to FUCK.

And every time he got his dick wet, he would cross their name off of the list.

One night, at a sorority party he got super wasted off of jungle juice and a few bumps of cocaine.

He was on a mission, to find the hottest girl at the party and fuck her brains out.

In his inebriated state, he stumbled into a room upstairs and found a beautiful, rainbow  haired fox.

He woke up the next morning, naked, hungover and sore.

He turned to his side and saw the girl getting dressed but to his shock, he saw a Pringle can sized dick flopping around as they put their panties on.

They picked up their own little black book and wrote down the name of the football star and turned around revealing their face.

“Welp, that completes the football team. Don’t worry baby, I won’t tell anyone you came up a little bit ‘short’….”

He tossed the now worrisome jock a tube of neosporin.

“Oh… This and some ice, heal that chocolate starfish right up! Buhbye!”

Much like the star college player had a black book with lists of names of people he wanted to fuck, Old School Wrestling has it’s own resident list keeper.

Deathnote carries around with him in his mighty grip a book with the names of every single roster member.

And within that book is listed when they will unfortunately breathe their last breath.

Just like that jock in college, every time you have your way with someone you cross their name off.

And now you have the prettiest of them all in front of you.

You, Sigil, and Simon all like to string people along until you get what you want from them and then FUCK them over.

If there’s one thing STARBOY knows about it’s FUCKING someone over… and over again.

Triosmania presents the opportunity for STARBOY and TGK to avenge the loss of our brother-in-color Vigour and defend his honor.

One is company.

Two’s a crowd.

And three’s a party.

And no one loves a good triosFUCKamania like STARBOY.

Can STARBOY peek between your pages Deathnote?

It doesn’t matter because we all know how this story ends:

Someone gets FUCKED.

And it’s going to be you, Sigil, and Simon.

SoOoOo far up the ass you’ll be called REAR End Game.

You’ll just be three more names added to my FUCKBOOK on the way to the Triosmania finals.

Three rounds ain’t nothing.

Call me the marathon man.

And there’s 9 chocolate starfish to destroy and cross off the list.

Hope your asses are ready boys.

STARBOY’s cumming for you…

…and he ALWAYS cums!!!