Chaotic Secret

In Promo by Chronoa

Drenched in blood from karnage most foul, one singular moment exemplifies the chaos that three little letters would carve into this universes soul.

It’s not the loss of innocence as the live of a simple man seemingly fades away bathed in blue light.

Nor is it the poisonous murk flooding the lungs of a helpless gang banger watching the birth of ultimate evil.

It’s not even the decimation of belief itself as the reaper was pushed past his breaking point.

No, the moment Old School Wrestling began its draining detriment to the world was the night a sociopathic narcissist with questionable credentials uttered four simple words

“Welcome to the Asylum”

It is the night a simple promotion lost its innocence and truly embraced the parasite it would become yet for a company that loves it’s dark history, Triosmania is the dirty little secret that never left their lips.

You’re proud of the judgement you survived, you soaked in the agony of those who created the cosmos and willingly walk over the graves of thousands without hesitation.

Yet for six years, you have ignored the most vital part of your backstory as you hope the sins buried within your vault of obscurity slowly suffocate another forgotten memory.

And now Pandoras Box has opened wide and to your utter dismay, chaos once again reigns

As fear rips apart the minds of all the little warriors who think they’re strong enough to combat the darkness.

Jet Set may seem confident but the death of a decent man leaves their frequency on static as an echoing truth snaps through their minds that they enjoyed every moment of it.

Righteous knights with blood dripping down their vestigal whites yet the most pious of them all doubts his mission in the back of his mind, wondering if the sins of the father has corrupted the soul of the son.

A rainbow turned a little black with death, an honourable goal to remember a friend but can you truly believe when the colour in your life has faded away?

And then there’s the baddest mother fuckers of them all, arrogant fools who refuse to see the shadow clinging to their leader, the laughter of failure that he knows in his heart, would never smile upon the man he has become.

You see, darkness is broken and deadly, it draws out the worst in everyone and there’s only one trio that can safely harness the mayhem that this tournament brings.

It’s the crow who has been manipulating the flow of blood since the afterburn began to spark.

It’s the mad prince, blood of the good doctor who began everything and the only being alive to terrify even death.

It’s the immortal being with the collective knowledge of every soul who has walked these halls.

With but a whisper, the Pancae are reborn.

As we sharpen the blades of chaos on their fear.

And with a smile from ear to ear,

Use it slice open OSW’s fucking throat.