The Blame Game

In Promo by Ether

“I owned a goldfish when I was a much younger girl. I would spend a lot of time with it growing up and would treat it like family.”

“I did just about everything for that little fucker too. I would feed it, clean it’s tank, and talk to it like it was a human being.”

“The little guy would’ve died in some pet shop aquarium if it hadn’t been for me. Ever since I bought it, I felt obligated to be the best friend that anyone could ever have to it.”

“One day, I found myself rather preoccupied with some goth kid and ended up spending the rest of the day not taking care of my fish. When I got home, I found it floating belly up in it’s tank, dead.”

“I was absolutely devastated to see my goldfish had passed away. I ended up blaming myself for not being there for it when it needed me the most.”

“‘I should’ve ignored the goth,’ I told myself. ‘If I had done that, my fish might still be alive.'”

“But then I thought about my parents. Why didn’t they feed my fish? They knew how much it mattered to me, so why didn’t they care for it while I was gone?”

“I was pissed at them when I came to that conclusion. I vented my anger on them for their failure until I was satisfied and ready to forgive them.”

“Wiz was like that goldfish to me. Me and Tag gave him a place to stay when he headed out on the streets. We cared for him like a member of our family, giving him food, love, and security while he hung out with us.”

“If it weren’t for us, he probably would’ve died from an overdose years ago for all we could’ve known.”

“Alas, while we were distracted with that vampire, someone took his life in the same way we took that convict’s.”

“I’ve blamed myself for his passing. I should’ve made sure he was at ringside for my match instead of leaving him alone like I did.”

“But I’ve gotten to thinking about what happened and realized something. You left him alone too, Tag. You were so busy making sure nothing happened to me that you left Wiz with his killer.”

“I know you two didn’t have the best relationship at the time, but he was family to us. If we can’t protect our family, then why the hell were we even friends to begin with?”

“This line of thinking has me getting a tad pissed off at you, honestly. You failed him when he needed you the most and now you’ll have to pay.”

“I’m going to vent some of my anger out on you, Tag. You might not be the killer, but you were partially responsible for his death.”

“And when we walk out of that match the way Simon and Pyre want us to, then you might be forgiven.”

“Sorry Tag, but you’re going to be my lunch at Dead End.”