The Test

In Promo by Sigil

“Imagine a young boy in school.”

“All month long he’s been studying dutifully for an upcoming test, one that would make or break his grade for that semester.”

“His father knew full well how important this one test would be, he pushed his son to do everything in his power to ace his exam for if he failed he would be forced to repeat his grade.”

“And his father simply couldn’t have that.”

“A son who was unable to pass a test as important as this was no son of his, and the boy knew this all too well going into class that day that if he wasn’t able to come home with an A… well he may as well not come home at all.”

“So the bell rang, pencils were up, and this boy tried his poor little heart out.”

“But it just wasn’t enough.”

“The questions became harder, more complex. He’d never learned to deal with issues like these.”

“Each one came crashing down on him one after the other until time was up, pencils were down.”

“And his efforts were rewarded with a big red F gracing his page.”

“Now, Deathnote, OSW may not take place in the schoolyard anymore, but Dead End will certainly be a place of schooling for you.”

“You see, this little errand your father put you on is much like the mission allotted to that poor child. It’s a test to prove that you’ve learned everything you need to learn, to prove to your father and the entire school itself just how smart and competent you are.”

“Week after week you’ve been studying, haven’t you? Using the aids in my satchel to further your knowledge, preparing diligently to not only find the crown, but to conquer the problems waiting so patiently on the paper in front of you.”

“The only issue, Deathnote?”

“The problem is me.”

“Standing before you is a cosmic anomaly that you could never hope to solve. I’ve done many things in OSW from defeating Edward Newton to killing Gods. I am a test of questions that not even your father knows the answers to but still expects you to answer correctly with only a month of study.”

“He’s sent you into this school hoping you can prove your worth, watching intently as you try your best to solve me.”

“But we both know that even with a lifetime of research, you’ll never be able to find an answer to me.”

“When you enter that ring with your quill in hand you’ll put everything you learned to the test only to find the answers beyond your comprehension. Blow after blow, question after question I’ll watch as the hope drains from your eyes and the reality dawns on you that you’ll fail this test, Deathnote.”

“Laid onto the mat with a big, bloody F scrawled across your face, the crown forever out of hand.”

“And, after all, without the crown, you may as well not return to your father at all.”