The Cycle

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“I often heard that children of abusers often grow up to become abusers themselves. Given the kind of people that I’ve seen run around Arcadia, that statement might as well be true.”

“Parents that beat or neglect their children often pass on their aggression and apathy to their offspring. As a result, they’re more likely to become criminals or miscreants themselves.”

“The cycle is perpetuated throughout multiple generations. Those affected often lack the power and the courage to stop themselves from hurting others, which not only include their own kids, but innocent bystanders too.”

“They don’t even realize what they’re doing sometimes. It becomes all they know, ingrained in their minds with every punch and slap they deal out.”

“At a certain point, the pain they give, the marks they leave, they might even start to think that’s just as good as love. Maybe it can even replace the empty feeling inside.”

“Your father left quite a hole in your heart, didn’t he, Felix? Not only did he beat you for the slightest inconvenience, but he failed to provide you with the love you thought you deserve.”

“Thanks to his mistreatment, the cycle of abuse continues through your hands. You might disguise yourself as the host of a popular puppet show, but I see through that fa├žade. You’re just like the man you try to distance yourself from.”

“How do I know that? Let’s just say that being complicit in my son’s kidnapping doesn’t help establish that child friendly image you’ve tried so hard to perpetuate over the years.”

“You assisted Doom, the mad scientist my boy says kidnapped him, multiple times. You killed a conservator of Arcadia in cold blood after trying to paint him as the one that tormented you earlier this year. You even attempted to drive a business owner crazy by fucking with his mind and making him kill his own employees.”

“By doing all of this, you’ve become no better than your father.”

“But despite all of that, you don’t seem to realize the damage you’ve caused. You’ve been conditioned to do all of this through your father’s blistering actions and burning words.”

“I would pity you if you weren’t such a despicable human being. You act like a child, but with all that you’ve done, that kind of behavior cannot be excused.”

“The cycle needs to come to an end.”

“And at Hail to the King, I will end it for you.”

“I will use all the power that I have and that you lack to end the cycle of abuse in the Foley family once and for all. If you try to fight back, my fire will only burn brighter and hotter.”

“You might think you did what you did out of love, but with every punch and slap I dish out, you’ll quickly learn that it I don’t love you.”

“With every blow I deal, I’m getting justice for my son and all those you abused. Be careful when continuing the cycle. You just might get burned.”