The Cycle of Fate

In Promo by The Impaler

The cycle of fate is a tumultuous one, fraught with the undoing of those who never learn from what’s come before. 

We watched just that happen during the Renaissance.  As the Vizier to a warrior king bedded his she-bitch of a queen. She was beautiful but with a heart as black as pitch much like the Vizier. 

They concocted a scheme to depose the warrior King and have him… disposed of.  But they didn’t count on those loyal to the Crown.   

Those men took the King into the woods, reported to the blackhearted duo that the King had fallen in battle with bandits, and they’d taken the King’s body to ransom. 

The Queen then usurped the throne for her own, using her wiles she had manipulated the weakest of will in the Crown’s Guard to her and the conspiring Vizier’s side. 

But the ransom never came, the guards who reported the death had gone to ground, and when the Queen realized the Vizier’s plan was doomed to failure, she turned on him.   

Blaming him for manipulating her, claims of blackmail, and coercion soon followed.  She pressed to have the Vizier executed as an offering to appease the now vengeful King. Days later he swung from the gallows and a month later the Queen faced the guillotine of fate. 

Now more than ever, We watch as the cycle of fate continues.  The ignorant and overconfident continue to lack the foresight of examining the past.  The blackhearts of OSW believe their plans are foolproof while their wrongfully deposed King amasses his forces at the edge of their vision.  

We watch again a cycle prepared to repeat itself and these people are contentedly unaware that they’re playing the strings of fate. All marionettes prepared to dance while their appendages hang from the from the hand of history. A Puppet Master himself becoming the puppet, irony of ironies. 

Blissfully unaware that We hold the power to cut the strings and send them all falling into a heap.  

Simon, you started this cycle all over again. You’ve doomed both you and Pyre to the cycle of fate once again. 

However, unlike last time We will not standby and simply watch. No, We unlike you have learned from the past, and what We realize is that We’re the ones that can break fate. 

We are the ones that end the cycles. 

We’re the ones here to change the future. We’re here to break the ouroboros of carnage that is the Slaughterhouse. 

What better way than to start with the man who believes he controls the future of OSW simply because he sits next to the seat of power that is its richest prize. 

That’s the thing Simon, the thing that puts you in same place as that Vizier. You believe that you’re the true power behind the throne, you’re just waiting for your moment to take it.  

All the while you don’t realize you’re nothing but a hanger-on. 

A man fated to his own demise, one way or the next and we know. 

Because we are Legion, for we are now your demise, and just like that fate is rewritten.