The Dog Within

In Promo, Tombstone by Tombstone

Every man has a little dog in him.

The kind of dog varies depending on the man. Some dogs are kind and loyal. Other dogs are vile and vicious.

When a vicious dog rises inside the man. It causes the man to behave in specific ways that sometimes even they aren’t expecting. It can be chaotic. It can be dangerous. But when the dog rears its head, the man acts in the same way as a canine.

Their bark becomes a bite.

And when they bite, they bite to feed. They bite to maim. They bite to take pieces from others. They become fast and utilise their instincts. Violence becomes second nature to them. It becomes insignificant – a tool used to benefit the ends that justify the means.

Only the means are rarely justified.

That dog will punish you, and should you let it, it will assert its dominance over you as the alpha.

When I look at you Jasper Redgrave, I see the dog.

I see the ravenous, intelligent, and devious beast within. I have ferried many souls to their final destination that were bitten by your canine within. You chewed them up and spat them out. They were fodder to you, Jasper. The dog within you hunted, maimed, and killed those poor innocent people.

If you listen closely, you can hear him sniffing around CJ Thorpe. He senses weakness in the boy and wishes to tame and control him.

All the while, he’s digging into the ground for the latest place to bury the bones of his victims.

And that dog still hunts. I can hear him howling at the Mortuary, demanding a feast upon me too. Snarling, drooling and growling. It barks nightly, roaring into the darkness, desperate to break through the walls and sink its teeth into my Championship.

With a dog like that, a man like you simply cannot control it.

You’ve proven that to be true with countless hundreds of victims.

That leaves me with few options, Redgrave. When a dog like yours is rabid, it needs to be controlled. It needs to be disciplined. It needs to be stopped. I’ve thought long and hard about our match at Bad Company. I’ve considered the dog within you and what needs to happen.

I could discipline you for the transgressions of your dog.

Or I could discipline the mut.

I will do both.

There’s a dog in you that you cannot control, Jasper. So, at Bad Company, I will attempt to control it for you.

And if I cannot, then I will put that dog down and you will meet your end.

Both you and the dog alike. Either he stops howling, barking, snarling, biting and killing or the dog inside the man is no longer a conundrum in need of solving.

If that happens, you should never fear your end, Jasper.

The end is where we meet…

And I will send you on your way.