The Dragon I’ve Become

In Promo by Zero

“There was once a dragon who terrified a village.”

“This mother fucker took pleasure in fuckin’ with the villagers. He’d burn down their homes, burn them alive and devour them with great pleasure.  Eventually, the villagers decided to fight back.”

“They sent one of their own to try and slay the dragon, but it wasn’t to be. The Dragon spoke to him in tongues, swayed, manipulation and fuckin’ lied to him. He told him he just wanted a friend – someone to fly with, someone to spend time with.”

“The villager, like a village idiot – bought into that shit.”

“He fuckin’ believed it.”

“So he and the dragon started a relationship. Every night, the villager would meet the dragon in secret and go flying. They’d enjoy each other’s company for hours on end and do all sorts together.”

“As time went on, the villager noticed himself beginning to change.”

“The more he rode on the dragons back, the more he changed.”

“His skin began scaling. He began turning into the dragon he was once sent to slay.”

“And then, with the dragon, the villager would find himself delighting in burning down the villages of which he once fuckin’ belonged. He would ride on the dragons back and devour, burn and kill anyone and anything he fuckin’ wanted.”

“When the villagers saw this, they hunted the man down and questioned him. Why was he with the dragon? Why was he killing them? They took his clothes away and saw the scales – they realized that he’d become what he was sent to dispatch.”

“And in that moment, they knew there was only one thing the villager turned dragon could do – what he was sent to; kill the fucking dragon.”

“You know Goro, when I first came to you – it was to fuckin’ kill you, dude.”

“But you convinced me to stay.”

“And I began workin’ for you. I joined your fuckin’ Yakuza and became a part of Nakamura Industries.”

“We’d slay together.”

“And I found myself becomin’ more and fuckin’ more like you. I find myself with cybernetic implants – happily doin’ the biddin’ of the cunt I came to kill.”

“When I needed it and couldn’t help myself, I stole what I needed to finally become the fuckin’ dragon.”

“Look at me, Goro.”

“Fuckin’ look at me, you cunt.”

I’m you.

“The story I told you earlier ends the same way as ours. That villager knew what he’d become and knew what he had to do.”

“Sometimes, it takes a dragon to slay a fuckin’ dragon.”

“I’ve already started by burnin’ down your fuckin’ lair and at Ring King, I’m gonna finish the job.”

“You made me become just like you. You manipulated me. You lied to me – just like that fire breathin’ bitch Pyre.”

“But now I’m the mother fuckin’ dragon and you cunts are about to fuck around and find out.”