The Forgetting

In Promo by The Impaler

Time, the sands of fate, the inevitable force, it has so many names for one thing that is so intangible. They say it is the ultimate killer, that father time will commit us all to history eventually.

Poetic really to think that we all will be committed to memory. Humans like to think that, they like to think that time will always remember them.

They want to believe that some book out there somewhere will have even a fleeting memory of who they were. The scary thing is that eventually the great forgetting will happen, nothing is timeless.

Whether it’s the heat death of the universe or the last gasp of sentient life, nothing lives forever ever. Eventually everything will face extinction.

That is the existential crisis that everyone avoids, because we know it is inevitable.

And the Slaughterhouse is no different the people who inhabit it believe that they can commit themselves to ages. That they’re memory will live forever and their histories will be told by the generations. There is no escape though, eventually like everything else they will be forgotten.

Even those who believe they can preserve their memory or that they already have are waging a fruitless war against their own ticking clock. A countdown to inevitability, their own emptiness, they’re fight against the void, and the truth is eventually the void will win.

No encyclopedia of knowledge matters beyond the here and now. History, no matter how hard one tries cannot and will not be kept forever.

Chronoa wages this war on a grand scale fighting against the hands of time and the inevitability. She wants to preserve the echoes of time. Well, oh Great Keeper of History, to you I am the heat death of your Universe because Legion is the only one who out live the great forgetting. The Many that will outlive the memories that you try to leave behind.

When the universe burns, I will be passed onto whatever’s next while every single memory you attempt to save is rendered forgotten and unless Legion will walk into the next life. Whether it be as single celled protozoa or whatever thing that takes the place of what walks the universe now. Legion will be there. While everything you’ve fought to save melts away.

Chronoa, I am the sands flowing through the hourglass, I am the inevitable, there is no database that you have that can survive the Multitude. Every memory you cherish will burn at my hands and you will be helpless to stop it.

As the darkness of Legion consumes your future you will be helpless to stop it. You will be nothing but a forgotten memory in the empty expanse of that which is Legion.

So, today I will be the Harbinger of your Fate today and I will announce it to the Universe. You will not surpass Legion, you will falter in my wake, and will fall at my feet. Because, I am Legion for we are many and you cannot fight that fate, you can only hope to survive.