Sodom and Gomorrah

In Promo by The Impaler

Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities that were monuments to their own sins. They were a cancer upon the world. A plague of immorality and epicureanism so wrapped up in their own prurient and self-indulgent nature that they would not listen to the alarm bells being raised and warnings telling them to mend their ways.

Instead, they embraced their lustful, greedy, hedonistic existence until the very end. When God, Fate, Yahweh, etcetera, etcetera, abandoned them to the fate of their bacchanalian ways. At that moment Hell’s fire came from the sky. Sulfur, pyroclastic soot, and rock rained upon these cities and they were destroyed beyond their foundations. To the point we’re still searching for their ruins today.

We learn from their story that we shouldn’t be seeking our own self-gratification at all times lest we miss the warning signs of a changing world.

In the world that is OSW Sodom and Gomorrah have come to exist in humanoid form. They seek only the pleasures in life. They turn from the miseries and heartaches that make life worth living. They want only to enjoy the sin of the carnal while looking to exploit the OSW itself at every turn.

However, they have come to a place where there are no gods to have protected them in the first place. Instead, Sodom and Gomorrah walk the earth thinking they can defend themselves. Thinking that Hell’s Fire will not come looking for them again… peek-a-boo motherfuckers. There is no escape, Hell and its fire have found you once again, and the VHS Tape of your fate is going to replay on a grand stage.

Starboy, a being so entranced by the idea of pleasuring themselves and others that they don’t realize the Demon Legion is about to do just that with their own eye socket, metaphorically speaking of course. Because the Lover of All is going to feel the pain of them all, the pain that each and every being within Legion feels, the pain Impaler feels. As I turn them from a being whose life is about bringing pleasure to themselves and the world into a huddling quivering shell writhing in agony. A crusty, stiff, used sock in the laundry hamper of life.

Then we have Vigour, a man so deprived of stimulation the moment he has the chance he clings to it suckling from its teat. You’re a covetous and intemperate soul, who embraces the hedonism this world offers with both hands making you oblivious to the fact that party is about to end. That Impaler has arrived carrying Hell’s fire with him. This is going to be a lot more than just a bad trip, this is going to be the last trip of your existence. As existential void of your own helplessness envelopes your very being and you find yourself at the mercy of a Demon with none.

Beings like the two of you have met this fate long ago, and this week you’ll meet it again. At the hands of the Multitude, you will prostrate yourselves at my feet. Because I am Legion, for we are many.