The King

In Promo by Sigil

“Simon, you love to view the world as one big game of chess, don’t you?”

“Let’s break it all down piece by miserable piece.”

“You see, sitting in front of you are a plethora of little toys for you to play with. Each one serves a purpose on the board as you push your way towards an ill-conceived notion of conquest. Putting every piece into motion as you set out your game plan.”

“First comes the pawns, the ones who start off your little game. They are expendable, something so easy to use to pave the way for your game plan as you tear through the board. Many a faceless fool has been a pawn in your game, haven’t they?”

“Next comes the Bishop, Knight, and Rook. They are interesting little pieces, versatile as they find ways to maneuver around the board in unexpected ways. Jet Set Radio serve as your trio of game changers, don’t they? Less expendable than pawns, but still worthy of sacrifice to get your way.”

“But of course, we cannot speak of pieces without talking about the wonderful Queen, can we? Pyre, the Fire Witch, is your most valued piece, isn’t she? Able to run rampant across the squares, unmatched as she burns through pawn and rook alike. She serves you wonderfully, and you  bask in the glory she earns.”

“Now, with all of this laid out, we finally come to perhaps the most important piece on the board.”

“The King.”

“You, Simon.”

“Without the king the board is worthless, isn’t it? You must take the king and protect it from harm, for it the king falls, the game ends.”

“But despite how important the king may be, therein lies the irony.”

“Without the other pieces, the king is useless, isn’t it?”

“It moves one square, only surviving by the skin of its teeth as the pieces around it offer protection from would be attackers. The game of chess is built around the simple idea of separating the other pieces from their king and forcing it out into the open.”

“That’s what’s so funny about your love of chess, Simon. You want to be the player moving the pieces, but in reality you’re the king begging them for salvation.”

“You see, the difference between you and I is that I am not simply a piece on the board, Simon. I am the player, the man who moves every piece, the controller of time and reality itself.”

“When our match comes to a head you will find that the board is devoid of your pieces. No Pyre, no JSR, and no nameless pawns to save you.”

“But me?”

“I’m the whole god damned board.”

“My strikes will crack your ivory, every single blow landing flush as you move pathetically around the ring.”

“No one can protect you from me.”

“My pieces are moving into place.”

“There’s no path that can save you.”

“Checkmate, Simon.”