The King’s Promise

In Promo by Simon

There was once a magnificent king who left his people to go on a mission…a crusade.

He gave strict instructions to his people to prepare a feast upon his return.

And so he and his army left for his crusade, and the people who remained waited.

And they kept waiting.

The king’s crusade lasted for many years, and there was no sign of him.

The people began to grow restless.

Without their king returning in glorious fashion, there was no cause for celebration.

No chance to feast.

Eventually, the people grew weary.

They moved on with their lives, forgetting about the king’s promise.

Until one day, the king returned…to find a barren kingdom.

Except for a small group of his most loyal subjects, the people had essentially given up all hope.

The king was forlorn, but he knew his arrival was cause for celebration nonetheless.

So, the loyalists gathered the finest food and drink across what was left of the land.

And eventually, the king and his fellowship enjoyed a feast befitting the occasion.

Of course, word got out about the king’s return and celebration amongst those hiding in their homes…and they got curious.

Jealous, even.

They arrived at the great hall, where the king’s guards stopped them from entering.

For the king refused to dine with those who doubted him, who dismissed his promise.

And so, the nonbelievers were turned away at the gates, their heads hung in shame as they left to suffer the consequences.

No, Renault, this king is not your precious Yahweh.

Instead, returning to a land of doubters and those with questions is your Masterful King.

I have achieved my mission.

My crusade has come to its conclusion.

But I am still hungry…and a hungry king needs to feast.

So bring out your finest consumables.

Only the finest meals and beverages will do.

It’s a celebration…but the unbelievers are not invited.

Only those still loyal to the cause can feast at this great hall.

Renault and Sigil will be turned away at the gates immediately.

A man still waiting for his so-called god, and a man who would steal my crown, have no place at my banqueting table…or my kingdom, entirely.

But, there is still room for Jet Set Radio.

Tag, Ether, you have been with me since the beginning.

You have followed my instructions to the letter, and your loyalty has been unwavering.

You may sit at the table, and enjoy the fruits of your labor…provided you are still loyal.

There is still a great test to be proctored, one I trust you will pass.

But if you fail me?

You will be shunned worst of all.

For betraying me beyond the gates, you will be cast into exile.

Left to starve with those who questioned my rule.

And I will be free to enjoy this lovely feast with only my queen by my side.

The greatest dish of all.

With all the power and glory that comes from being true royalty.