Walking on Water

In Promo by Sir Gable

Millenia ago, our lord and savior performed one of his most amazing miracles and fed 5,000 people who came to hear him speak on the mere offering of five loaves of bread and two fish from a small child.

A great feat indeed yet something greater was on the horizon.

That night, he sent his disciples ahead of him on the sea of Galilee for he needed to pray alone.

During their voyage, a catastrophic storm raged and the disciples were lost and afraid.

At the apex of the storm, our lord’s most faithful saw him walking towards them on the waves.

They were startled as they thought he was a spirit on the sea but he told them not to be afraid.

One asked for proof that it was him and told Jesus to make a command.

Jesus simply said, “come”.

Our disciple, Peter, started to venture and made a few strides toward the lord but fear got to him and he began to sink.

That lack of faith made Jesus have to rescue him and lead him back to the ship.

As Jesus set foot on that vessel, the skies cleared and the storm ended.

Feeding 5,000 people proved he could work wonders. Walking on water proved he was the son of God.

Sanctus, my brother, you saw me in my own storm, drowning in the depths by Davy Jones’ own hand.

You ventured out when you didn’t have to and reached out your hand, you asked me to be a disciple and needing hope, I came.

I came into the fold, I became a knight, I became our lord’s newest disciple.

I’ve been making my strides, I’ve been walking on the waves of OSW and I fully bought in, I had full faith in our lord and the mission to bring him back.

However, I’ll admit, I’ve seen the infighting between you and Renault, I’ve received these letters, and now as metaphor becomes reality, I’m drowning the moment faith flees me.

Yet, you’re not there.

You’ve been preoccupied by trying to become king, by rushing for gold, and I’m here trying to give my all for a cause. I’m willing to die for this and you ignore me, ignore the man that made people actually pay attention to our cause, to you!

I’m tired of being ignored, I’m tired of drowning for no reason, I’m tired of being third on the podium when I’ve never been third in anything in my damn life.

This week, I’m going to make you notice me “brother”, if I’m drowning, I’m going to drag you down with me.

I’m going to make you choke on your avarice.

We both know the lord would be ashamed of your selfish ways as of late, you need to be cleansed of your sins, and I will baptize you one way or another.

Forgo your covetous ways and accept the gifts you’ve been given brother.

If you won’t, that gold will be another sunken treasure and I will be the Cain to your Abel.