The Last Supper

In Promo by Sir Renault

Jesus Christ hosted a gathering on the eve of his arrest.

That evening, unbeknownst to nearly all of his brethren, he sat surrounded by his apostles to eat his final meal before going to the cross.

Scribes would infamously dub this “The Last Supper.”

As they dined together, Jesus revealed that someone at that very table would soon betray him.

And sure enough, the very next day it was Judas Iscariot who enacted just as the scriptures foretold us, disclosing Jesus’ whereabouts to the Romans by identifying Jesus with a kiss, leading to his arrest and trial.

Jesus taught us that outward displays of loyalty meant nothing when Judas betrayed him.

For it is true discipleship that comes from the heart, and he accepted his destiny to die on the cross to prove that point.

We are on the eve of Invasion.

We have been brought together for this last supper before we are taken to trial, and tonight the six of us put our loyalties to the test.

But before we dine tonight, there’s one piece of vital information that needs to be revealed:

Who has your back, Ether?

Surrounded by your buddies Tag and Wiz, you safely skate through the halls of the Slaughterhouse.

Jet Set Radio and your sugar daddy Simon have ensured your security whether in the ring, or out of the ring.

But tonight is different.

Tonight, you find yourself in the same corner as the same woman who tried to burn you alive.

So allow me to rephrase my original question.

Do you still feel safe, Ether?

I want you to heed my warning— Pyre may be on your team tonight, but if you think for one second that will stop her from lighting you up again the first opportunity she can, then you  may as well have eaten your last meal.

So when your betrayer kisses you with those flaming lips, I will be there to bond you to chains and drag you to your judgment like the glutton you are.

Because it seems to me that someone is going to betray you tonight.

See you can say you’re teammates with whoever you want, but at the end of the day your loyalty lies only with Tag and Wiz.

No one else.

Not Vigour.

Certainly not Pyre.

And not even Simon.

My bond with Yahweh is like your bond with your two buddies: both are pure of heart.

But my discipleship is much stronger, and I am going to show you that at our feast because you are not the only one who is going to be eating.

So eat up, Hungry Girl.

Treat yourself to the buffet of a lifetime.

You can go back for seconds, even thirds, because this is your last supper and I want you nice and satiated.

Tonight, my first course shall be your body.

My second shall be your blood.

It is time for you to repent for your sins and accept your fate on the cross before Yahweh.

Deus vult.