The Phoenix

In Promo by Deathnote

“A fire can be quite the attraction..”

“The flames dance as the object that has been set ablaze burns.”

“The slow-burn begins, and while the object reduces to rubble, the focal point that is the flames begin to burn brighter. Over time, the oxygen around the flames begin to feed the fire, causing it to roar into a furious fire.”

“The fire spreads, but the results remain the same.”

“The focal point of the fire reduces to nothing more than ashes.”

“Though the fire was visually appealing, what it left behind was quite grim.”

“As the cycle goes, however, from the rubble something majestic will take form.”

“From the ashes, the phoenix will rise.”

“From the path of destruction left by the dancing flames, a beautiful bird will ascend into the night and absorb the flames for it’s own.”

“And with the passing of the bird, the flames shall vanquish.”

“Old School Wrestling has been engulfed in flames for quite some time. The Fire Bitch has blazed a trail right through the middle of OSW, paving the way for her and her brother’s in arms to walk their path unscathed.”

“Like the fires that burn behind her eyes, she’s been able to dance through the halls of OSW, setting it ablaze.”

“Pyre, you may have set the halls of Old School Wrestling ablaze. You may have been able to slow-burn in the spotlight under the thumb of bMf for months.. and eventually, Old School Wrestling will be reduced to a pile of ash and rubble.”

“But through the ashes, a phoenix arises.”

“I am The Phoenix.”

“And from your reckless abandon, I shall rise. With the flap of my wings, I will extinguish the flames that you have left behind.”

“For far too long, you have used the unpredictability of your nature to topple one man after another, but that stops here.”

“Your fire now belongs to me, and with it I shall set your entire world ablaze.”

“Because the end draws nigh, and at any moment you could possibly take your last breath.”

“Whether it be this week or at Invasion, your impending doom hangs within the gallows.”

“You may have been able to burn bright under the name of bMf, but what you failed to realize is that the very same path you set on fire will soon become your demise.”

“From those ashes, I will become the majestic bird that you created.”

“I have been reborn from the ashes of your faults.”

“And with my wind gusts, your flames will become extinguished.”

“There’s nothing you can do now, all of your mistakes have already been made the moment you started the fire..”

“Now watch as the world you created burns down around you..”

“Zero and Storm will not be there to save you now. What shall you do when you’re forced to face the flames?”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“Or prepare to be snuffed the fuck out by the remains you left behind..”