The Scales: Of Justice

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“The scales of justice don’t just decide the fate of those who tipped them. They’re also used to weigh the innocence and guilt of the soul that dares to upset the balance.”

“Here’s how it works; I take a credit and place it on one side of the scale. On the other side, I place a part of the accused. It could be a strand of hair, a fingernail, or even a flake of dead skin.”

“If the credit weighs less than that of the individual I’m judging, then they’re guilty. If the opposite occurs, then they’re innocent. However, they’re more than likely to be guilty than not.”

“I managed to grab a few strands of hair from Roderick Pym during the brawl last week. Just before the cameras started to roll, I weighed his actions and a credit to see where he lays in terms of needing judgement.”

“On one hand, Roderick was a loving father whose entire heart and soul revolved around his children. He doted on them, believed in them, and they were his one and only weakness that those much more vile used to completely break him.”

“On the other, the entire Pym family ran a pharmaceutical crime ring that killed more people than they saved. Their drugs were often addictive, resulting in deaths that the APD haven’t completely tallied yet.”

“His children, despite the love he gave them, weren’t entirely innocent either. They either had first hand knowledge about the illegal substances they were pedaling or partook in the trade themselves. They could’ve gotten out while they had the chance, but they chose to stay.”

“And we all know how the story ended there.”

“While the Tycoon claims innocence in their murders, his greed played an important role in their untimely demises. If he hadn’t chosen to create and sell lethal medicine, his children might not have been given a dose of karma. If he hadn’t preyed upon the weak and vulnerable, he might not have been sentenced to Deathrow for their deaths either.”

“Alas, he couldn’t see the errors of his ways. Now he suffers hauntings from the ghosts of his children. Each one of them clamoring for the justice that their father somehow managed to escape.”

“However, their voices seem to be getting weaker. As he fights for the Uprising, haunting him isn’t having the same effect as it used to.”

“What he needs now are the fires of justice. He received a sample of them last week when my son and I stormed the ring, but now he’ll get the whole thing in this upcoming fight.”

“I’ve weighed the scales, and you’ve tilted them against your favor. Justice must be done, regardless if you’re responsible for the deaths of your children or not. You still killed hundreds of people in the name of greed and no amount of regret can restore balance in Arcadia.”

“As long as the scales are unbalanced, no evil shall escape our sight. And my flames will be the last thing you ever see.”