The Stables

In Felix Foley, Promo by Felix Foley

[It always worries me when Doom takes me places. I didn’t want to go to the Racetrack and now he’s taking me to see the injured horsey’s. I’m just glad that I get to see them being looked after. That race was tough and those riders were tougher. They treated the horsey’s so badly.]

[We round a corner to see all four horses down on the ground, their riders no-where to be seen. People are looking after them.]

[Felix Foley] “Oh I’m so happy, Doom buddy. I’m so glad they’re being looked after.”

[Doom nods.]

[DOOM] “You see Felix, every horse is owned by someone else. They’re not free.”

[I don’t quite understand that. He can tell.]

[Felix Foley] “Then how do they get the horse to run for them?”

[DOOM] “The illusion of freedom. The owners of the horses put them in that position to run, which gives them the illusion of freedom. They believe they’re running wild, but in actuality, they’re being led on a path pre-determined.”

[We walk over to the first two horses who’re owned by one old man. He has a long grey beard and a red coat. He stands over the poor creatures, musing to himself.]

[DOOM] “This man owns the horses rode by the big powerful rider and the petite female.”

[Felix Foley] “What’s he going to do with them now? How is he going to help them?”

[Doom folds his arms. The man walks into the stable barn and takes a few moments. When he comes back out, he’s holding a rifle. I immediately hide behind Doom, who nods at me as if to tell me that it’s okay.]



[He shoots both of the horsey’s!”]

[I can’t believe it. My heart jumps from my chest into my throat as the level runs red with their blood.]

[Felix Foley] “But why!?” [I scream at him.]

[The old man looks up at me with a smile. An evil smile.]

[DOOM] “These horses belong to me… I sent them out there to win and they failed. This is the result of failure.”

[I turn around to look for Doom, who is no-where to be seen.]

[Then he returns and he, this time, is holding a rifle. He walks over to me and puts the gun in my hands.]

[DOOM] “Those two horses belonged to John,” [Doom tells me with a knowing nod, looking back at the two others. They were ridden by the petite boy and the man who wanted fire.] “And these two horses belong to us.”


[DOOM] “You too must do what needs to be done, Felix. These two horses may belong to us, but they failed to help us win the race.”

[Felix Foley] “Wait a minute… are they… are these…”

[Doom chuckles.]

[DOOM] “Don’t worry old boy, we were always the winners.”

[Felix Foley] “How!? How can we possibly be the winners!?”

[Doom produces a betting stub that bet on the race. The result is for a no contest and he won.]

[DOOM] “Just like at Attitude, Felix. We aren’t in the race but we’re the winners none the less.”

[I hold up the gun…]



[Sorry Destructo Boy. Sorry Blaze.]

[It’s the humane thing to do.]