The Sound A Hand Makes

In Promo by Zero

A young student had only one hand and he wanted to reach enlightenment. His master would take other students aside and help them reach such a state.

The student begged the master for the same treatment, so the master took the student into his room and asked him a question.

“What is the sound of one hand?”

The student went away and thought about it. He came up with all kinds of different solutions. Every single night he went away and the next day he came back with a different fuckin’ sound.

Nothing pleased the master.

He couldn’t get it.

You know Goro, I feel a lot like that fuckin’ student right now. You’ve reduced me to half of what I was before and I find myself lookin’ in the mirror trying to figure out what the fuckin’ sound of one hand is.

I just can’t get it right.

It doesn’t matter what noise I come up with, I find myself at the wrong conclusion. Night after night, it’s the same fuckin’ thing and there’s nothing I can do to get it right.

The boy finally figured it out.

And so have I.

It took a state of enlightenment to get there, but the sound of one hand is no different than the sound of two.

It punches just as true.

It writes just as well.

It moves just like the other.

And when you think about it like that, why the fuck would I need more than one to wring your fuckin’ neck, you cunt?

It’d be nice to have two.

It’d be nice to be bionic and be able to strangle you to death with your own fucking machinery, but I don’t fuckin’ need it.

All I need is one hand to beat you to death.

All I need is one hand to slap you about.

All I need is one fuckin’ hand to break you down into fucking pieces, Goro.

You may have taken my bionic arm.

You may have taken what you thought was my power.

But it isn’t.

My power is in knowing what the sound one hand can make.

And that’s the sound of your bones crunching beneath my fist as I punch your fucking face off.

You wanna fuck around and find out, you cunt?

Then the sound my hand is gonna make will echo through your fuckin’ family lineage.

That’s the sound a hand makes.