The Truth of it All Part I: Land of Confusion

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

This is the world we live in. A world where the truth is kept hidden under a pile of lies and propaganda. If one were to go look for it, they’d be thrust into a land of confusion.”

“That doesn’t seem to deter them though. When certain people find a trail that leads to the truth, they’ll follow it to the ends of Arcadia in order to get the answers they seek.”

“Even if it means that their entire livelihoods could be destroyed in the process.”

“Even if it means they have to use unnecessary force to get what they want.”

“Even if it means that they have to become a monster in order to achieve said truth.”

Cade has read the news today. They say that danger’s gone away. But he can see the fire’s still alight. It’s burning into the night.

“After failing to put away Jasper Redgrave and getting demoted to beat cop, he was given a hint of the truth about his brother by his sheriff. He learned that his brother was in Deathrow.”

“Knowing this lit a fire from under him. As a result, he proceeded to follow it and set Arcadia ablaze looking for him and whatever other bit of truth he could find.”

“He harassed Harold Attano, a man that was recently released from that nightmarish place, for information on his brother. Despite the fact that there’s a high probability of them never crossing paths with one another, he continued to badger him through unscrupulous means.”

“He shot an innocent man when trying to scare the former prisoner into giving him intel, which put his job in the APD into jeopardy. Then when he taunted Attano with his dead daughter, he inadvertently put his life in a dire situation too.”

“In his quest to find the truth about his brother, he accidentally revealed the truth about himself. He’s a crooked cop, just like all the rest in the APD. He tried to put on the façade of a good man in a powerful position, but he exposed himself for what he truly was when he got involved with a Nobody.”

“I’ve been on a similar quest for truth myself. However, I’m not tearing down everything I’ve built up. No, those bastards that attacked me and burned down my home already did that for me.”

“In my journey, I’m rebuilding what was taken from me. My reputation, the respect of my son, and the faith I instilled in all Arcadians when I was still Maxwell Rijen.”

“I’m still a hero in the end. You, on the other hand, are nothing more than a cog in Zeus’s machine fighting under his name.”

“My quest for truth is noble. Yours will lead Arcadia to ruin.”

These are the hands we’re given. I’ll use mine and I’ll start trying to make Arcadia a place worth living in.

“Be careful when searching for the truth hidden in the land of confusion. Not only will you not find it, you just might get burned while looking.”