The Unknown

In Promo by Tureos

Their words hum to him. Their stories echo each other, the same thing over and over again from each one. They hover over him, angerly fly by him. All shouting their frustration and pain for what happened to them all. This was not his doing but of someone else, or something else. Something so terrible and yet so wonderful happened to each one of them. The only problem he’s having is exactly what, because he wasn’t the one that brought them all to him. Whatever this thing is, where ever it is, this thing is a monster. Something bigger than he is.

Each soul was brought here through sudden attacks from some unknown source and here they are wondering what they are supposed to do. Where are they supposed to go? And they just keep coming, whatever this thing is it’s not thinking about stopping it’s massacre.

The mystery here is what is it doing, why is it doing it? And most important, what is it? What has these souls so confused and so outraged for being here? It has me curious as something that is causing so much death has to be something so enormous. I had to find out.

A soul excitedly leads the way. A dark corner followed by a dark street. And one by one they all fly out of their lovely abodes. Most definately a mystery now as their all not coming from one place but from each individual place. What can be in all these places at once? The soul leads the way to what appears to be it’s place. Inside there is a voice talking. And everything comes into reality. Putin was president of the United States. All these souls died from fear….

So my opponent this week is a mystery. I know nothing about him. I don’t know even know if this f*cker even has a soul. This person may know everything about me, or they may know nothing about me as well. So how do I prepare for the unknown? I don’t. I’m not going to prepare because I can’t. How can you prepare for something when you don’t know what to prepare for. I can prepare for a four hundred pound gorilla and it very well could be a ten pound cat. But most important mystery here is this.

Why a mystery opponent? Is everyone afraid to step in the ring with the soul collector? No one expected me to do as well as I am. No one expected me to collect souls right away. So is everyone afraid? Or do the powers that be hate me so much that they are trying to play mind games with me? I don’t play games. I will fill the void with souls no matter what. So no matter who you are, I’m not going to prepare. I’m going to prepare the second I see who or what you are. I’m not going to be disappointed if you become something you’re not imagined to be. A somebody, or a soul that’s simply a nobody. Regardless, no matter who you are…

Your Soul Will Be Mine.