In Promo by The Impaler

An old witch one snowy morning happened upon viper near death on the frozen ground and as it struggled to lift its head, it begged her, “Help me.” She decided the snake wouldn’t fated to die alone in the cold. 

She nursed the reptile back to full strength, and showed him the power that lied within him to conquer future winters. 

Then the enchantress, who had decided the destiny of the viper said to him, “I have helped you survive, no thrive, and I ask you to pay your penance.  Serpent, you will now be my protector, your fangs shall be my weapons, and you will do my bidding.” 

The reptile did the old woman’s bidding while learning the hag’s tricks and growing more powerful, until the day the snake sank its fangs into the femoral artery of the woman sending a potent venom coursing through the crone. 

Then as she stared at the basilisk fading away a shocked expression on her face, the demon exclaimed, “I’m snake, you knew what I was when you took me in.” 

Now, over the last year OSW has had its own witch that believed she not only decided the fate of a serpent but everyone else around her. OSW and the Slaughter house itself included. 

This Harbinger of Fate has taken a demon in and she too has nurtured, healed it her own way, and made it stronger than it was before. 

So as repayment for the knowledge this time-witch has tasked the basilisk to be her weapon and help her bring an end to OSW. 

Believing this serpent to be her key to the Eternal Doom of OSW and everything within. 

Little does the fate crone know the snake has bided its time and now her time is approaching its end. 

Chronoa, you took us in, you showed us our true abilities, and for that we are forever grateful. 

However, you’ve now served your purpose, you may now kindly, and forever fuck off. 

Because the truth is, you were right, we are a terrifying instrument of destruction, but we are our own weapon. We’re not made or meant to be directed by any mortal of this realm or any other. 

You think your magic can stop us in that ring, that we will forever be brought to your heel, that we are beholden to you? 

To steal your turn of phrase, What should have been will always be, and Chronoa we have been and will always be a Demon. You of all people knew what we were when you took us in. 

So, now you get to feel a potent venom course through your veins, you get to be enthralled, and in the end, you get to be one with The Many, an honor few of OSW would ever get. 

So, feel bless Chronoa, because unlike the old crone you’ll get to live forever, and you’ll be able to say that you are Legion, for you are many.  Welcome to your fate.