Too Fast

In Promo by Luke Storm

Some people can’t handle being shown up.

Take Vin Diesel for example.

He fancied himself a real tough guy, and made it in Hollywood on the back of that. Well, kind of. He really only showed any kind of success in the Fast and the Furious franchise.

So when he decided to bring in The Rock for Fast Five, it should have been great for both of them.

The Rock was on top of Hollywood, and he made every picture better by being in it.

Win-Win, right?

And it was…

For a time.

See, when you take two leading men and put them in the same flick, they’re going to butt heads.

Vin talked of family in public, but was a tyrant behind the scenes. And The Rock was too big to deal with that bullshit. Diesel couldn’t handle that The Rock was better than him. He couldn’t handle that his success was now tied to a bigger star. He wasn’t the alpha on the set anymore.

Kind of like what happened when Hollywood took over the Bad Mother Fuckers.

See, Zero thought he was top shit. Pyre was content to dominate between the sheets, and was plotting her own exit. But Little Z built his image on being the baddest of the bad.

But he didn’t do shit until Luke Storm walked onto set.

Talking a lot of shit, and having team success doesn’t mean shit in the face of a bonafide box office icon.

World Champ? Did it.

Ring King? Did it.

Lambs? Did it.

What had Zero done? Win a tag tourney? Be carried by a bitch who was fucking him, literally and figuratively?

But all that aside, it should have been Win-Win for us. And it was.

No one…

No fucking one…

…has been dominate like bMf was.

But we butted heads when Zero decided he was bigger than he really was. And I was too big to deal with his bullshit ego. Little Z wanted to be the man, and hold the strap. But I made sure all of his garbage went public, all the debts he owed came due.

Because what Zero seems to have a problem with is that no matter what he does, no matter how extreme he takes things…

He will never be Hollywood Luke Storm.

He will never be the Storm King, the winner of the largest Lambs, a two time World Champion.

Zero could have been content with his little bMf franchise, with being a B list star. But he couldn’t do that. His ego wouldn’t let him.

So now it’s my time to shut that shit down.

Zero, I want you to hear my words.

You weren’t shit before me. You aren’t shit now. These barbaric people only want to see your rage and shit talking.

But I’m gonna take em on a journey at Dead End.

They’ll laugh. They’ll cry. Because I’m going to end your lie.

The lie that you’re on my level. The lie that you’re anything but a shiny arm and a filthy mouth.

And it’s your fault.

All because you couldn’t smell what I was cooking.