Thrones and Taskmasters

In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

A man begins tormenting his enemies. Every move they make like one made on a chess board. The manipulator knowing every move his victim makes because he’s making them move. He is in complete control of everything they are doing, but so masterful that his victim thinks every move they make are of their own.

Watching this man play with lives like a master at his board was enthralling. Not one person knew what was happening that didn’t need to know. Not the closest of friends, or the closest of consorts. Nobody watching was ever aware of the masterful strokes of the chess-man.

They all danced to his whim. He needs to go to the right? He made the obstacle move three spaces to the left thinking they were going to prevent any useful action.

Believe they got him blocked off? An opening shows itself without anyone being the wiser.

A masterpiece of control, of manipulation. Some creatures could learn from a inhuman being like this. It was like the world was nothing but puppets on a string, moving only when he wished it and only when necessary.

But what he didn’t seem to be aware of, were monsters in an even darker corner. Centuries old creatures who have long used these same techniques, these same manipulations.

Kings of a dark order, that have watched from the shadows. You have no power behind your throne.

You thought for so long you manipulated people from the shadows. But if you knew just how dark these shadows were, you’d see that you were in nothing but blinding light guiding souls blinded to the reality before them.

So play with your sex dolls, your love-sick puppies and your little trinkets. Believe you’re manipulating the powers of this world to kneel before you.

Bend the knee of every would be king, conqueror and star that walks our glowing halls of glory.

Claim every glory we allow you to have without any conditions.

Because from the true shadows, from the true night, our strings manipulate yours.

You move when we allow you to. You’re nothing but a toy that we’ve allowed to gain power and influence. Your a taskmaster because you are a distraction for us. You hide what we need you to because everyone is too busy looking at you to see what we do.

We’ve tormented our enemies by manipulating their chessboards to work for us. We’ve rigged the game so that the pieces you move, only move when we need them to.

We’ve preyed on souls like yours when you become the obstacle in your way. Just like you took what was yours when the time was right.

We take what is ours when the time is right for us. And it’s becoming time.

So take your seat on the throne you have, as master of your domain.

Because what is in the shadows is a much larger throne.

The throne you sit on now is nothing but a footstool to the throne I sit upon now.