To Desire is Human, To Fear…

In Aarman Fidel, Promo by Zeus

The balance of Karma is a fickle mistress sometimes. I’ve never feared retribution for the evil I commit, never cast a second thought to vengeance brought down upon me because I considered them little more then fuel for the fire. And now here I am, feeling her sting wrack echoes of pain throughout my fragile body, as death whispers her sultry song through my ears for yet another chorus. They say that imminent death gives clarity and karma…

She’s placed me right in front of a mirror so I can see exactly what every poor soul who shook this sinners hand saw in their last moments

That crooked smile that didn’t travel into the cold, dark and calculating eyes of purest evil. The only difference is Nergal you don’t hide the monster you are while I keep him hidden in the shadows.

Because we both prey on the innocent and the cruel alike, treating them like nothing more then dirt beneath our boot, but for you, it’s just easy. Being a monster is like breathing, it’s instinctual while I have to force myself every day to stay the course of deprivation. Because unlike you Nergal, I’m unfortunately all too human.

A squishy, pale, easily broken miserable pile of secrets. You easily outclass me in every aspect except for one. Because there’s one human thing that is your undoing Nergal. My undying will and my necessity to understand every single angle at every single moment.

From the moment you emerged Nergal, I knew you would come for me. You should’ve scorched Eden to the ground in an instant, not even let me comprehend what happened but by showcasing your power and trying to terrify the denizens of the red light, all you have done is give me the knowledge of how much power you truly have. The power I have desired for decades and you walked it right onto my doorstep

This slow death you’ve dealt me is a minor inconvenience because death and I have waltzed this dance a thousand times and every time, I have come back stronger then ever to haunt the ghosts of my enemies. But you aren’t my enemy Nergal, you aren’t even a blip in my story, you’re just a tool that I’ve been needing for decades

The one thing I need to make the cunt who took everything from me die screaming. As well as every single one of them who gets in my way.

So come Nergal, spread your pestilence my way and I will absorb every ounce of your fear and pain as your every sense is flooded with nothing but the need to fulfil my every desire. 

Be careful what you wish for Gemini as Arcadia will succumb to obliteration but you won’t be around to see it. As I suck you dry and become the monster they all feared, there will nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

As even the Pantheon themselves will be helpless against the true God of Fear.