In Promo, The Yellow Python by The Yellow Python


A yellow fist collides with a handheld pad, followed by a dodge as a red fist jabs towards him. We find that Yellow Python is training alongside his friends. No, his brothers. Red Falcon delves forward, going on an offensive to test the Python’s defenses. Stalking around the small ring is the familiar blue form circles. He speaks, a hard tone inflecting onwards.

Blue Shark: You need to be on your toes. Prepare for what comes, read what is given to you. Don’t just react, predict them.

A nod from Yellow Python comes, and he launches onto the offensive against Red Falcon, pushing him back into the makeshift ring. He seems to be hyper focused on this as Blue Shark climbs the ropes up into the ring. It doesn’t take long for him to be blindsided, switching from one to the other.

As Falcon gets a second, he preps for a running clothsline to what seems like a suddenly blindsided Python. As he charges forward, YP switches, prepping the run into a Crushing Coils that slams Red Falcon into the mat.

Red Falcon: Good, you’re learning to adapt. We don’t know who’s under that mask, and if you’re going to face him you need to be prepared for anything. He’s fast, brutal even. You’re lucky that you made it the last time you did.

Yellow Python: I remember, honestly it’s hard to forget. I knew he was strong, but that was something else entirely. If I had only been just that bit stronger, able to stop him sooner, I could’ve-

Red Falcon: Don’t. It’s not your fault for what happened to White Bear. You had no idea what had happened to us, and you came when you did. It is in no part your fault that our brother is dead.

Blue Shark: Best to clear that from your head. If you continue to blame yourself, you’ll lose focus. Black Panther’s not playing it safe, he’s hunting you down for sport. Any weakness like that, any blood in the water, and he’ll take the chance to strike.

Yellow Python pauses, and nods to himself as the words sink in.

Yellow Python: I won’t let it bog me down. If anything, his death should be fuel to take him down. His death will not be for nothing. No quarter given in the ring this time, not until he’s down in the mat himself, broken.

The other two look at each other briefly, giving a nod before looking back to Yellow Python.

Red Falcon: You’ve got it for sure bud. For everything you’ve been through, you’ve come out the other side. Still here, still kicking. Hell, you even saved us.

Blue Shark: There’s nothing that you have to worry about. You’ve got something that Black Panther doesn’t. You aren’t alone, and don’t have to face him alone. Because we’re here, and we’ll face him. Together.

Red Falcon: Together.

There’s a moment of hesitance, before Yellow Python nods and speaks.

Yellow Python: Together.