Funeral of a Nobody

In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

[Two headstones.]

[One is covered with a tarp.]

[The name on the other?]

[Mikaela Attano.]

“You and I.. we aren’t so different, Harold.”

[Jasper Redgrave.]

[He stands behind Mikaela’s headstone with a smirk.]

“When the name Jasper Redgrave comes to a normal Arcadian’s mind, it is accompanied by fear. I’m known to be one of the most vicious and violent entities to walk the levels of Arcadia.”

Chills shoot down the spines of those who even mutter the name.”

[Jasper walks around the headstone of Harold’s deceased daughter and has a seat atop it.]

“But you?”

“When they think of Harold Attano, they praise you.”

“Many of nights has the roof been blown off the arena. Upon several occasions have the words ‘Harold fuckin’ Attano‘ been chanted throughout Olympus.”

“But they don’t know you like I do, Harold.”

“They don’t realize that we’re both monsters.”

[Jasper’s voice turns stern.]

“They don’t realize that you were down on Death Row just like I was.”

“You’re no different than I am.”

“There’s just as much blood on your hands as there is mine.”

“Just look at Benjamin Pegg. You may not have pulled the trigger, but had your nose been where it was supposed to be.. Pegg would have never been shot.”

[Jasper pulls himself back to a stand, turning his attention to Mikaela’s headstone.]

“Just because you’re not directly involved doesn’t take away from responsibilities falling upon your shoulders.”

“It didn’t that night.. and it didn’t the night your daughter was murdered.”

“Her blood stains more than just my hands, Harold.”

“Her blood also rests upon yours.”

[Jasper pauses, giving a moment for that to sink in.]

“Yet, you haven’t learned your lesson yet, have you?”

“Even still, you meddle in business that does not belong to you.”

[He scoffs.]

“How much more blood has to spill before you get it through your thick fucking skull?”

“How many more lives have to meet their end before you wake up and realize that you’re everything you claim to be.”

A nobody.”

“Well, the answer is quite simple.”

Only one.”

[Jasper walks over to grab the tarp covering the second headstone and rip it off. There’s a name on it.]

In Loving Memory of
Harold Attano
“A Nobody.”

“Attitude is your funeral.”

“It all stops here, Harold.”

“There’s no more playing games. No more fingers being kept on ice.”

“It all ends here and now.”

“No longer will innocent lives be lost in the wake of your self-destruction.”

“No longer will the halls of Olympus ring out the name Harold Attano.”

[Jasper shakes his head.]

“All of the pain that you’ve caused because of your own inabilities. Your daughter was murdered that night because you failed to do your job.”

“You were supposed to protect her, Attano.”

“As her father, you were supposed to be there to stop me that night.”

“And now, when you reunite with her in the afterlife, you will have to answer for the failures of a broken man.”

“Don’t worry, there’s nobody left to miss you.”

[Jasper walks off abruptly.]

[The visual of Attano’s headstone remains.]