In Promo by Alistair Huxley

“I adopted a kid and took him under my wing.”

“The child was an outsider amongst his peers, never really fitting in with any sort of clique in the adoption center.”

“Most people passed him off for being to much trouble to handle. I, however, saw potential in this kid as a performer for my circus!”

“I took the liberty of personally training the young lad to become the star of my troupe. He had a knack for throwing knives with amazing precision.”

“He managed to wow the crowd with his talent. He never missed a single target we set up for him, even the ones set up dangerously close to my other freaks and performers.”

“One day after a packed show, I escorted him into my office to discuss the next potential targets he could hit. I was expecting him to pitch an off the wall idea that’d draw in new, excited customers to my humble show.”

“Instead, he stabbed me in the back and told me he found a new circus to perform with.”

“After rescuing him from the shelter and giving him a position in my big top, he proceeded to slap me across the face and ditch me for another family.”

“That child was a lot like you, dear Painkiller. You were an outcast to the rest of the world before I saved you from the cruel outside world.”

“You were groomed to become the star attraction of the Greatest Show Unearthed. We would’ve become the next biggest sensation not just in OSW, but all around the globe!”

“Alas, you stabbed me in the back to join another family. One that saw you as just another faceless drone in their army.”

“Why did you sell me out, Painkiller? Were my accommodations not good enough for you? Did you not want to share the spotlight with me and Fluffy?”

“Regardless, you sold me out to that rattlesnake and had my tent burned to the ground because of your petty bullshit. You’re going to pay for what you’ve done to not only me, but the rest of my friends and coworkers too.”

“You might’ve set a target up on me and hit it precisely in the center, but I’m still standing tall despite the knife you threw at me.”

“Speaking of knives, would you like to know what happened to that kid? Well, when word got out that he was ditching us for a different troupe, my band of freaks and performers got together and hung the snot nosed brat at center stage.”

“It’s a fate you’re going to share with him soon enough, Painkiller. You could’ve been excellent for my show, but now I’ll just have to settle for you to be another target for knife throwing practice.”

“You should have stayed with me instead of defecting to the other side like the two faced punk you are. Now you’re going to face the full wrath for a ringmaster scorned.”

“Every circus needs a knife throwing target. You’ll do just fine, Painkiller.”