[Click.] [VHS like static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom corner.] [The clouds in the sky are grey and overcast as our camera lowers in from up high. We’re in a graveyard, tombstones dotted around the grass for as far as the eye can see. We lower to only one though, where Betamax now sits, his legs dangling over the edge towards the grave.]

“I should have known, papa. I always thought I would be better than you. I took what you did for granted and blamed you for your sacrifice.”

[The camera spins to see the name ‘El Rojo’ engraved on the tombstone.]

“Every single day, I pretended to be happy. I bloody pretended. But that’s just me, that’s just who I am. I’m the happy-go-lucky, kick em’ in the shins, do you wanna dance darlin’ kinda guy.”

[There’s a thunderclap from the sky, as rain begins to break through and pour down on Betamax.]

“You can thank Uncle Thaddeus for that. He took me in, brought me to England and my life changed. I learned to forgive you; to be happy. I never thought living with Madre’s family would change my life like it did, but it did,” [he admits with great pride. Only his smile turns to sadness rather quickly.] “Until him. Until Ozric Mortimer.”

[The rain really starts plummeting now, drenching poor Betamax.]

“He forced me to look inside. He forced me to understand what it is I have to do now. I will avenge you, papa. I will avenge you.”

[Betamax hops off the grave and walks off into the cemetery, heading for the exit as the camera pans out, showing thousands of graves and Betamax walking away.] [We cut to Shane McGovern entering the locker room backstage, where he discovers Tyler Brooks’ duffle bag and gear piled up in the corner.]

“Oh man, that’s beat!” [He turns to a male intern passing through.] “I missed Brooks limping in to the arena?”

“I don’t recall him limping…” [The kid responds nonchalantly.] “…but yeah, he is in the building.”

[Shane doesn’t look pleased.]

“Beat it, spaz!”

[The kid quickly obliges, leaving Shane alone. McGovern appears to be in disbelief; how could Tyler not still be in pain after last week? Eventually, the thought gets the better of him… and he begins to dig through Tyler’s bag as he mutters…]

“You’re telling me this son-of-a-bitch isn’t in pain right now… something shiesty going on here… if he thinks for one minute… Bingo!”

[Shane exclaims with a smile as he pulls a prescription bottle from Tyler’s bag.]

“I knew it!” [Shane shakes his head as he pops the top on the bottle of pills.] “Little hypocritical, don’t you think, Tyler?”

[Shane mutters to himself before dropping back a handful of the pulls into his mouth.]

“This is just what I needed to get one over on Ash tonight… and to finally shut the Savior up, once and for all!”

[Shane smirks as he makes his way from the locker room; his match with Ash is up next!] [Ash Williams makes way down the ring, a smirk on his face as he stares down his opponent in Shane McGovern.] [Sirens.] [Ash spins around to see the ramp has been occupied by the likes of two cop cars, the officers moving out and approaching The Chosen One. Ash turns tail and runs to the ring.]

“Place your hands above your heard or we will resort to using force!”

[Ash ignores the police, sliding into the ring before turning around to see the grinning face of the one and only Chase Hero standing amongst the police officers, mic in hand.]

“Thought you could just get away with ruining my house, Ash? Thought I was above using the law? You thought wrong, gramps. Now stand down and come here so we can… talk this out.”

[Ash sneers down at Chase, yelling back at him.]

“I’d love to chat, pretty boy. But I have a match to win.”

[As Ash says that, he’s rolled up from behind by Shane! One! Two!] [KICK OUT! Williams kicks out of the roll up by McGovern and rolls to his feet, staring down McGovern who stands near the ropes.] [Shane looks to go for a – BOOMSTICK! Shane stumbles backwards, stunned! BOOMSTICK! Shane bounces off of the ropes! BOOMSTICK! McGovern falls to the ground! Ash makes a hasty pin on Shane, watching the police as they advance to the ring. One! Two! Three!] [Ash leaps up from the pin and runs towards the outside of the ring, rolling out as the police chase after him.] [Ash rolled to the outside following his match, running towards the crowd to escape the officers as they pincer around the ring to try and capture Williams. The Chosen One seems to be over the barricade and into the crowd…] [Until the tasers fly.] [The barbs bury into Ash’s back and he shakes violently as he falls to the ground, rolling off of the barricade in the process. The crowd goes silent as Chase Hero walks up to the now down Williams, dragging him from the barricade to the ramp.]

“Just had to run, huh?”

[Hero chuckles.]








[HERO UNLEASHES A TIRADE OF BOOTS ONTO THE DOWNED ASH, BUSTING THE CHOSEN ONE WIDE OPEN!] [Ash is unable to defend himself, Hero chuckling as he stops his attack, turning to the cops who seem to completely ignore the brutality before them.]

“Well, don’t just stand there. Load him into one of your cars. Now.”

[The officers do as told, moving Ash to the back of a cruiser before leaving the entrance ramp, but not before a visible exchange of money happens between the supposed leader and Chase. The crowd is shocked into silence as Hero makes his way backstage to prepare for his match.] [With that shocking scene over, the cameras focus on Shane McGovern who stands wobbly by the announce table.]


[The crowd cringes as McGovern doubles over the announce table and nearly vomits right into Nick Diamond’s lap! The announce crew scatter as Shane lets loose another round of sick all over the floor!] [Tyler Brooks’ music hits! The Savior steps out with a microphone and the crowd reaction is firmly spilt.]

“What’s the matter, Shane? I thought only drug addicts go through withdrawals?” [Tyler smirks as he saunters halfway down the runway.] “But you’re not a drug addict, right?” [Brooks seems to realize something.] “I know what it is… you must have gotten in to my secrete stash, didn’t you?”

[Shane turns towards Tyler with rage in his eyes… but the urge to vomit turns him back to the corner where he upchucks once more.]

“You didn’t think those were your pain pills, did you Shane? Oh, man…” [Tyler feigns remorse.] “…no, see, when I flushed those down the toilet I figured why waste the bottle, right?” [Tyler can’t help but laugh.] “What you ate, were my Epicac tablets.”

[Shane storms around the ring towards Tyler but the nausea gets the better of him and he has to take a knee.]

“It’s a little slower acting than the syrup but it’s an essential carry in case a friend decides to hop off the wagon and accidently OD’s or something… a lot easier to induce vomiting with those pills than to go sticking your fingers down their throat… but I wouldn’t recommend taking them for knee pain!”

[Shane McGovern is outraged but he’s too sick to do anything about it. Medical swarms him as custodial takes care of his yak and Tyler Brooks slowly backs up the runway taking it all in… and loving every minute of it.]

“Hope you feel better, Shane.” [Brooks mocks.] “That’s gotta’ make your withdrawals seems like a walk in the park.”

[Brooks chuckles as he disappears backstage, leaving Shane steaming mad and sick as a dog.] [We have a big match here on VHS as Pig faces off against Christian. Can the Monster fight his way back to the title or will the Savior stop his journey in it’s tracks?] [The bell begins as Pig rushes forward, absolutely destroying Christian with furious strikes, each blow seeming bone crunching as a hard right hook sends Christian staggering. Pig rushes forward, trying for a clothesline but Christian bails out of the ring, trying to get some distance between him and Pig. The Monster rolls out to meet Christian but he’s grabbed and thrown headfirst into the apron. Pig crumples to the floor as Christian lays into him with heavy kicks before rolling him back into the ring and covering] [ONE…TW…Pig quickly gets a shoulder up as Christian flips him over, trying to lock in the Pray For Forgiveness. Pig kicks Christian away but as he gets up, he’s met with a hard knee to the temple before Pig is lifted up into the air, Driven By Faith! Christian spikes Pig into the mat but doesn’t cover as he backs up, waiting for Pig to get to his feet. Christian rushes forward as Pig gets to his feet, THE BIBLE BASH…GREAT DESTROYER!] [Pig just wiped out Christian but he’s still woozy from the Piledriver so he can’t capitalize. Christian gets to his feet but Pig dodges another knee before powering Christian up high, running forward before Powerbombing him into the turnbuckles! Pig calls for the end as he pulls the limp Christian to his feet, snapping forward with a sickening headbutt before lifting him high up into the air, Christian wiggles out of Pig’s hold, locking in SUCCUMB TO THE LORD OUTTA NOWHERE! Pig tries to fight out but Christian has the hold locked in tight as he slowly passes out, the referee quickly calling for the bell] [Faith rolls into the ring, raising Christian’s hand in victory as the fans begin to boo. Christian kisses Faith on the forehead before the two head to the back, celebrating a huge victory for the Savior] [RECORDED EARLIER]


[The screen opens to Captain Jack standing with his arms folded across his chest with his parrot friend perched upon his shoulder. Standing behind him are four of his crew standing with their hands on the hilts of their swords. The man standing in front of him has pierced ears, a long scraggly beard, and a tattoo upon his arm that indicates his allegiance to Blackbeard.]

“Parley? Why’n you wanna do that?”

[Captain Jack leans close to the man and gives him a grin.]

“Parley means that I get to meet with your captain without him runnin’ for his raft like the yellow-bellied coward he is.”

“Aye, I know what it is. But do you think he’ll even meet with ye? After all, you disrespected the love of his life in Queen Anne’s Revenge.”

[Captain Jack grabs him by his tattered and disgusting shirt as he pushes him against the wall.]

“Aye, not only do I think he’ll meet with me, but I think he’ll meet me tonight. Or else.”

[The smaller pirate gulps as his knees shake a little bit looking up at the incensed Captain Jack.]

“Or else?”

[Captain Jack gives him a knowing glance before withdrawing his blade and pressing it against his neck with a little bit of force.]

“Or else I’ll give ye the closest shave you ever received in ye life.”

[He throws the pirate down the hall as he hits a nearby carrying crate before turning around with a little frightened glance before hightailing it.]

“Ahoy. A meetin’ between the two fiercest pirates the seas have ever known.”

[Backstage, a strange sight can be seen. Christian sits alone in his locker room. He has just showered up and gotten dressed, and Faith is nowhere to be seen. Of course, she is never one to be gone from her man often, or without purpose.]

“Fell deeds awake for Odin’s favorite warrior has arrived.”

[Christian rises with tense arms as Viktor North enters his locker room. The Skull Splitter seems to be peaceful, yet he still wears his garb for war.]

“What do you want, sinner?” [Christian asks.] [North merely grins, looking around the room for Faith.]

“I just wanted to speak to you, man to man. Without your wench about.”

[Christian steps up to North for that remark.]

“She is no wench. I do not cavort with harlots as you do, North.”

[North laughs in his face for that.]

“But they’re so much fun.” [He says before turning serious.] “I must ask you a question though, about your false god and his book.”

[Seeing an opportunity to preach the Word, Christian perks up.]

“Of course, my brother.”

[North takes a moment to compose his question, almost theatrically so.]

“Is it true that woman caused the downfall of man? This Eve woman is what brought on evil to this world?”

[Christian seems taken aback by the question, raising an eyebrow.]

“Eve did eat of the tree, but she was deceived by the serpent. Adam also ate of it at the request of his wife.”

[Viktor North merely nods.]

“So woman did drag man down with her, and yet you walk arm in arm with her. You do not use her for her gifts as real men would. You let her command you and Lord over your household. Christian, you are a man, blessed from Odin with virility and power. Use it, and show your wench her place.”

[Christian’s eyes flare out at that, but before he can attack, North beats him to the punch. Pulling him down, North knees Christian in the face and the Skull Splitter throws him over a bench into one of the locker openings.]

“She led you to your fall, but will she pull you back up? This is not your reckoning, weakling. I only wish to crush worthy foes, so I can hear the lamentations of their women as I take my prize.”

[North walks off, the door slamming behind him. A yell can be heard and hastening footsteps before the door opens again. This time Faith runs in to kneel beside her man.]

“Snicker doodle, what happened?”

[Christian climbs to his feet on his own, staring with angry eyes towards the door as Faith looks on.] [The Reel King Tournament begins tonight as Randy Edwards faces off against Chase Hero. Will it be a Glorious day for Brussels or will the so called ‘Only Hero of OSW’ prevail once more?] [The bell rings as Chase Hero rushes forward, driving a running knee into the gut of Edwards before tossing him to the mat and raining down heavy punches to Randy, Hero clearly still pissed off about last week’s events as he has to be pulled off by the referee. Chase is warned but shrugs it off as he turns around into a boot to the jaw. Hero staggers back as Edwards gets to his feet, delivering a jaw jacking European Uppercut before leaping up with a hurricanrana. Chase blocks it, holding onto Randy before driving him down with a modified double knee backbreaker.] [Randy rolls on the mat, holding his back in pain as Chase pulls him to his feet, lifting him up into a firemans carry position before driving him down into a double knee facebuster. A cocky smile comes over Chase as he backs up, slapping his knee as he beckons Edwards to get to his feet. Randy slowly gets to his feet as Chase rushes forward, TALK TO THE BOOT…DODGED! Randy rushes to the ropes, handspringing off, THAT’S AMAZING!] [Chase is down as Randy calls for the end, walking over to the turnbuckles as he shows off his athetic ability with a handstand before springing off the ropes, A GLORIOUS ENDING…HITS CANVAS! Randy gets up, holding his gut in pain, TALK TO THE BOOT! Chase nearly takes Randy’s head off with that but he’s not done as he pulls the limp Edwards up, tossing him onto his shoulder, HERO’S DUTY! A particularly vicious one at that as Chase drops down, muscling in for a cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [‘Hero’ begins to play as Chase pulls the limp Edwards to his feet, absolutely destroying him with a massive Talk to the Boot. Chase chuckles to himself, a sadistic grin on his face as he rolls out of the ring, the fans booing as he does, but love him or hate him, Chase Hero has advanced to the quarter finals of Reel King] [We are taken outside, a gaggle of eager fans gathered by the talent entrance door. Even a biting wind and a chill to the air doesn’t seem to dampen the spirits of the VHS faithful. A buzz stirs as a certain figure approaches – Rewind Championship slung across his shoulder and a champion’s swagger in his step. Jon Davenport. He heads for the door, bee-lining for the security guard as fast as he can go.] [It is then that he catches a rustling out of the corner of his eyes, near the loading dock and dumpster area of the back of the arena. A hacking cough comes from the rustling, along with a gruff voice thrown in Davenport’s direction.]

“You…” [The voice accuses. The sound of bottles being scattered across the concrete as the source of the rustling stands to his feet. The Hobo – dishevelled, battered and looking decidedly worse for wear; even moreso than usual. He had obviously been sleeping here, in the bitter cold – a makeshift shelter created out of cardboard and a badly burnt blanket all he has to his name.] “I bet this is all really funny to you Davenport. Look at the Hobo, reduced to tatters… This is what rock bottom looks like. Thanks to you, I have nothing. And you walk around like you own the damned place.”

[Davenport smiles at this, patting the Championship belt on his shoulder without so much as remorse towards the poor Hobo.]

“Everything is as it should be. The championship is where it belongs and it looks like the trash has found its way to its rightful place after all. I don’t see anything wrong here.”

[For Hobo, the time for talking has ended. Taking a bottle discarded near the entrance door, he smashes it on the concrete and comes at Davenport with the broken end of the bottle, aiming for the jugular with a wild swing. The wild look in his eyes and the foam forming at the sides of his mouth are enough to send the fans running for safety. Davenport is quick enough to leap behind the security guard and find sanctuary with a foot inside the Schoolyard itself. From here, Davenport’s confidence returns.]

“You are nothing, Hobo. You will never be anything – some people are just not destined for great things. For some people, the rocky rock bottom is where they will stay.”

[Not tempting fate with the rabid Hobo any longer, he turns about and slips inside the building to ready himself for his match. It is left to the Hobo, looking at the broken ends of his bottle sadly.]

“I will get you. You will pay one way or another.”

[The Reel King continues as Viktor North and Captain Jack meet in the first round. Will the Swashbuckler make North walk the plank or will the Skull Splitter deliver another warrior to Valhalla?] [The Pirate and the Viking rush forward, exchanging rights and lefts, an exchange the harder hitting North quickly gets the better of with a vicious rolling elbow to the temple. Jack staggers back as Viktor rushes forward, but Jack ducks under a Yakuza Kick, grabbing Viktor from behind and snapping him to the canvas with a neckbreaker. Viktor gets to one knee as Jack locks in a sleeper hold, trying to put North out but Viktor powers out with a series of elbows to the sternum. North runs to the ropes but he bounces off right into a huge spinning lariat that sends him crashing to the mat] [Jack calls for the end as he pulls Viktor to his feet, throwing him between his legs as he powers him up, but Viktor starts to fight back with hard punches to the face as Jack loses his grip slightly. North takes advantage, wrapping himself around Jack in a bodyscissors before locking in a modified reverse Dragon Sleeper. Jack falls to one knee as North pulls back on the hold, trying to get Jack to tap out but the Captain powers to his feet, SCALLYWAG! Jack slams Viktor into the mat, breaking the hold but the Sleeper took a lot out of Jack as he slumps to the mat as well] [Both men slowly get to their feet, Jack flying at North with a clothesline but North bats it aside before nearly taking Jack’s head off with a huge Yakuza Kick. Viktor backs up, setting Jack up, GUNGIR! Jack stumbles back, dropping face down on the turnbuckles as North sets him up, standing his limp body on the middle rope, before bending him down. North backs up, VALFATHER’S SACRIFICE! There was a sickening crack upon impact as Jack slumps back down to the mat as North drops down, hooking the leg as the referee counts. ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [North gets to his feet, raising his hands in victory after dispatching another warrior. North heads to the back, happy with his victory and getting to the quarter finals of Reel King] [RECORDED EARLIER] [A familiar scene is shown as the camera zooms in on the Queen Anne’s Revenge as Captain Jack and his crew cross onto the ship. Blackbeard’s crew scowl at them as they watch them from the edges of the ship. Jack and his crew pass by them as they approach the captain’s chambers. The door is whipped open as Captain Jack enters into the tight captain quarters. The only light in the room is a set of lanterns at each end of the table and the moonlight flooding through the windows.]

“Have a seat, Cap’n.”

[The scratchy voice would put goosebumps on any man’s arms, but the door shuts as Captain Jack takes a seat across the table from him.]

“Ye wanted a parley, what can I do for ye?”

[Captain Jack sneers at him across the table.]

“VHS is my ship n’ I don’t have room for another meddlin’ captain in my waters.”

[A screechy laugh fills the cabin as Blackbeard gets to his feet.]

“Yer waters? Boy, I’ve been sailin’ these waters since before ye could suck on yer ma’am’s tit. Ye want this stretch of sea so bad, put sometin on the line.”

[A grin forms as he adjusts his vest.]

“Ye read my mind. At VHS Tapeover, I wan ye n aye in a Last Pirate Standin’ match. To the winner goes the spoils iffen yer yellow-belly don’ be showin!”

[It’s then that Blackbeard slams a blade onto the table before coming in close to Captain Jack.]

“The only color you’ll be seein’ is red when I shred your soft skin with this blade. I would cut ye down where ye stand only… the parley is still in effect. Now get offa me ship.”

[The door opens as Captain Jack walks out onto the ship. His head whips to the right as he sees a great commotion going on on his own ship, The Black Pearl. He rushes to the edge of the ship as he sees his own goods being thrown overboard. Jack whips around to see his own men tied up and thrown aside with gags on their mouths. Blackbeard steps out of his office with a disgusting grin.]

“Ahoy matey. It’s a pirate’s life for us. Now it’s time for ye to walk the plank!”

[Two pirates with a long board run towards Jack and clothesline him over the ship as he plunges into the raging waters below.] [Reel King begins tonight as we have a first round match between ‘Riveting’ Rich Edwards and the Straight Edge Messiah Tyler Brooks. Can the young Belgium continue his run of upsets or will the Best in the World continue to show what exactly he can do?] [The bell rings as Edwards rushes forward, taking Brooks by surprise with a series of hard rights and lefts before leaping up with an enziguri that stuns Tyler, allowing Edwards to drop him to the canvas with a Snap Suplex. Brooks gets up, holding his back as he ducks under a Dropkick, grabbing Rich from behind and throwing him across the ring with a German Suplex. Rich gets up groggy as Brooks cocks his elbow, rushing forward as Edwards rolls out of the ring] [The fans boo as Rich tries to put some room between himself and Tyler, turning around as Brooks leaps off the top rope with an Asai Moonsault to the outside! The crowd cheer as Tyler pulls Rich up, tossing him into the ring as he rolls in right into a stiff knee to the temple before Brooks is lifted up into the air, BRUSSELS BRAINBUSTER! Rich staggers back, still feeling the effects from the Moonsault as he climbs up to the top rope slowly as Brooks leaps to his feet, PELE KICK!] [Rich doesn’t fall down but he’s stunned as Tyler leaps up to the top rope, double underhooking Edwards before driving him to the canvas with a modified Super Tiger Bomb! Rich is out of it but Brooks isn’t done as he lowers himself down in the corner, patiently waiting for Edwards to get to his feet before cracking his fists as the Riveting one slowly gets up, Tyler sprints forward, EYE OF THE SAVIOR! That massive elbow nearly cracked Edwards jaw as Tyler drops down, hooking the leg for the victory. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The crowd explodes as Brooks gets his hand raised in victory before rolling out of the ring and celebrating with the fans. The Straight Edge Messiah moves on to the Quarter Finals with an explosive statement to the rest of the locker room] [Fresh off of both men being knocked out of Reel King, Rich and Randy Edwards gloomily walk through a backstage hallway. Randy meeting Rich behind the curtain after his match.]

“Chin up, brother.” [Randy says.] “Next week, we’ll take our frustrations out on Knock Knock.”

“Yeah, like we did this week?” [Rich responds, referring to the fact that they never actually found their enemies on Showcase.]

“It wasn’t our fault that they were otherwise occupied, bro.” [Randy replies.] [BZZT!] [The lights suddenly cut out in the hallway, flickering on and off. Belgium Roots begin to look around for an attacker, but there is no sudden motion from any direction. Instead, as the lights flicker, the two brothers see figures at either end of the hallway. On one end stands Smiley, hunched over with Smiley Jr. dragging the ground. On the other end stands Doubt, his head cocked to the side to measure up the brothers.]

“We heard you were looking for us.” [Doubt calmly says.]

“Surprise.” [Smiley says theatrically, still not opening his mouth fully. A creepy chuckle seems to be stuck in his throat, however.] “We found you.”

[As the words leave Smiley’s mouth, the Edwards brothers each charge one of the former Tag Champs. Rich takes off after Smiley and Randy after Doubt. Both of the Belgians leap at their foes with vigor, but Smiley responds with his crowbar going straight into the midsection of Rich, doubling him over. Doubt merely dodges Randy’s attack, and bashes his head into the concrete block around them.] [THWACK! Smiley rains down shots with Smiley Jr. to the head and body of Rich Edwards.] [THWACK! Doubt bashes Randy’s head into the concrete wall time after time.] [The attack mounts on the young brothers as Doubt’s white mask begins to turn red with blood and drip onto his crimson outfit. Smiley seems to revel in the blood flying and covering both he and his coveted crowbar. The two men continue to rain down shots as Belgium Roots’ blood begins to head towards each other in the hallway, seeking some sort of comfort in these horrifying moments.] [Smiley finally stops attacking, looking up to see Doubt standing by him, already finished with his brutal assault. The bloodlust dies down for Smiley, and he swings his head up theatrically, almost as if using every sense in his body to absorb what they just did.]

“That was riveting!” [An exalted Smiley exclaims, smiling despite the pain from the fresh scars.] “Glorious even.”

“Somehow, I knew you were going to say that.” [Doubt dryly retorts.] [With an angry growl, The Shark suddenly appears around the corner.]

“I smell blood.” [Shark says.] “Why wasn’t I invited to dinner?”

[Knock Knock don’t even look at one another as they walk up to Shark.]

“Consider it a surprise.” [Smiley creepily responds.]

“They’re all yours.” [Doubt follows up.] [The blood drenched Knock Knock walk away as The Shark happily approaches the two uprooted men.] [Their screams echo throughout the halls of the Schoolyard.] [With a semi-final berth up for grabs, both men have a look of intensity on their faces. It would mean the world to either to make the semis, but who will be the one to progress?] [An early onslaught by Austin Fernando of lefts and rights is halted when Jon Davenport blocks a huge European uppercut. Hooking Austin in and a huge suplex, with a lot of hang time, brings Fernando crashing down to the mat. Making an early cover, wanting that Semi Final place more than anything, but Austin kicks out at one. Laying the boots into Austin Fernando to keep him grounded, Davenport heads up top. HE’S LOOKING TO END THIS RIGHT NOW!. MUD FLOP…. MISSES! Fernando rolled out the way and now he’s looking to seize the momentum himself.] [With Davenport in pain, Fernando doesn’t let up. Bouncing himself off the ropes he returns with a big neckbreaker. Keeping up the assault, he unleashes a boxing flurry of punches to Davenport. Davenport is jelly legged, he takes a few shaky steps before flopping to the mat in a flair like manner. It’s Fernando’s turn to try and advance now. A cover is made… One….Two…. KICK-OUT! With whats on the line, Davenport had to dig deep there. Fernando can’t quite believe it. He thought he had put his opponent away. He walks over to the floored Huntin Hound Dog.] [SMALL PACKAGE… FERNANDO WASN’T EXPECTING THAT. ONE…TWO…THRE! NO! Austin managed to kick-out at the last second. Both men get back to their feet, Fernando quite visibly shaken, Davenport has the bit between his teeth, he throws Fernando off the ropes. Fernando leaps high into the air on his return looking for a counter. DAVENPORT CATCHES HIM AND PULLS HIM IN, BEAR HUG!! This move beat Viktor North last week, will it do the same here? Locking his hands together the air is seen leaving Fernando Austin. THE REFEREE CALLS IT!! AUSTIN FERNANDO IS OUT, THE OLD HUNTIN’ HOUND DOG PROGRESSES WITH A BEAR HUG.] [VHS last representative progresses here, he releases the lifeless Fernando and celebrates in the middle of the ring, big ideas and thoughts in his head now.] [A sunken ship sits on a bed of turquoise stones, its hull gutted and mast snapped in half. The surrounding corals burst with colour and sway in the depths, a stark contrast to the stillness of the ship; life and death in the same watery purgatory.]

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you that it’s rude to interrupt people, Piglet?” [Soft laughter as a leering visage swims into view before melting away as quickly as it appeared.]

“Uh-oh, I’ve really gone and put my fin in my mouth now, haven’t I?” [Sun rays pierce the surface of the sea, shafts of light falling upon the ghostly vessel, illuminating the deep blue waters like a swirling night sky.]

“You didn’t have a Momma Pig to teach you manners… Like not throwing people in a cage off of something high.”

[The face reappears, strangely distant and blurred, its features blackened; eyes dancing with malice, fangs bared in a cruel grin. The Shark.]

“You almost didn’t have a mother at all: Andrea nearly gave you the coathanger treatment at Farmer Hewitt’s insistence. Destroying the evidence. Fortunately for you, she couldn’t do it. She lied to Hewitt, telling him the deed was done. She should’ve reconsidered, because she birthed a runt.”


“They raised you in secrecy at first, but it was a small town, and Hewitt found out. Knowing he’d kill you if he ever found you, Andrea’s parents forced her to abandon you in that hog pen. Survival of the fittest. For weeks, you were raised by farmyard animals who roll in their own filth. At least it built your immune system. They probably still made better parents!

[The many-rowed toothy smile falters.]

“Better biological parents… But what about foster parents?” [The gum-licking sneer returns almost instantly.] “That’s right, Pig. I’ve been real busy this week. I think it’s high time we have a little family reunion, don’t you!?” [Cackle.]

“Just remember, Piggy… Blood is thicker than water.”

[The black soulless eyes gaze upwards. A drop of blood hits the water, instantly billowing into a crimson cloud, unfurling and folding on itself hypnotically. The phantom’s nostrils quiver excitedly, those black eyes dilating…] [A black mass rips through the red cloud, the formerly tranquil scene now one of frenzied rage.] [Shark slowly raises his head from behind his backlit fish tank, smiling and gnashing his teeth like the piranha inside of it.] [Has The Shark really located Pig’s supposed foster family? Are they coming to VHS!?] [It’s main event time as the United States Champion is present on VHS for a rendezvous with the VHS Champion!] [The bell sounds as it’s The Hawk vs. The Shark! Tommy Hawk eyes the cannibalistic Shark from across the ring before the two meet up in the center of the ring. The Shark raises a hand up as he eyes Tommy. Hawk responds by reaching up to meet this hand, but Shark has other intentions as he slaps the chest of Hawk with an open hand chop! Hawk staggers backwards for a second before The Shark lunges on him like the blood had begun to flow!] [He begins slashing at his face and chest with vicious chops and punches before the referee finally is able to get in between the two and pull The Shark back! The Shark is gnashing at the back of the referee as Tommy Hawk gets to his feet with an irritable expression on his face. The Shark lunges at him once again but Hawk pops him right on the chin with a strong right hand staggering the VHS Champion! He hits the ropes before bouncing off for a big leaping shoulder block taking Shark to the mat! He grabs Shark and drags him to his feet.] [Shark headbutts him which staggers him as his hands fly to his nose instinctively. He checks for blood and sees none but looks up to be welcomed by a running knee strike that sends him careening back into the turnbuckle! The Shark leaps on him and begins throwing wild punches as the crowd tries to count along with but it’s much too fast! The Shark wraps his arm around the head of Hawk before kicking off for a spinning tornado DDT! Hawk spikes into the mat before looking at the lights. The Shark covers him as he smiles at the audience, baring his teeth. One…Two…NO!] [Hawk gets a shoulder up to which Shark responds by headbutting him not once, not twice, but three times before climbing to the top rope and motioning for something big! SHARK DIVE but Hawk rolls out of the way before he even jumps. The Shark reassesses the situation before turning and… SHARK DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE! Tommy Hawk is able to dodge that one as well! The Shark hits the outside hard as Tommy Hawk climbs into the ring. The referee begins his count. One…Two…Three…The Shark begins to move…Five…Six… The Shark has gotten to his feet… GOING NATIVE! Tommy Hawk bounces off the ropes before propelling himself through the ropes and taking out The Shark with two outstretched fists!] [The Spirit Walker screams out as the crowd cheers him on passionately! He grabs up The Shark and rolls him into the ring. Tommy Hawk slides into the ring but SUSHI KICK right as he gets to his knees! The Shark smiles as he wipes his jaw with the back of his hand seeing a bit of blood flowing from his own mouth. Shark grabs Tommy Hawk up before biting him right on the arm! Hawk yells out before nailing Shark with three vicious right hands forcing Shark to relinquish his bite!] [The Shark rushes towards him but THE RED ARROW catches him off guard as he plummets into the mat at full force! Tommy hooks a leg! One…Two… FOOT ON THE ROPE! The Shark just barely avoided defeat there as his eyes roll back out from the back of his head. Both men get to their feet as they begin to trade blows left and right. The Shark drives an elbow point into the bite forcing Hawk to stop the exchange!] [The Shark whips Tommy Hawk into the ropes but Hawk flies back with a shoulder tackle taking Shark to the mat! Tommy Hawk pulls the invisible tomahawk from his back as the crowd knowingly begins to cheer him on! The Shark gets to his feet slowly before Tommy Hawk screams before rushing across the ring before turning for… THE SCALP! The brutal shot hits but The Shark rolls out towards the apron before falling to the floor below! Tommy Hawk falls to his knees in exasperation before rolling out and lifting up The Shark. LOW BLOW FROM THE SHARK! The referee couldn’t see it as he headbutts Hawk and rolls him back in. The Shark staggers to the top rope before… THE SHARK DIVE! Hawk got his knees up! He rolls up The Shark! One… Two…THREE!] [Tommy Hawk gets the win after capitalizing on an error by The Shark! The Shark is livid but the referee is holding him back while Tommy Hawk holds his United States Championship high establishing himself here tonight on VHS!] [Both combatants recover after that hard-fought match, battle scars on display. Tommy sits slumped against the ring stairs, clutching his United States Championship. The referee passes Shark his VHS Championship, which the Maneater snatches. He holds the belt aloft to boos from the crowd… the lights flicker then die! The crowd pop as everything is thrown into pitch black darkness.] [Hoooowwwwwl!] [A dreadful, blood-curdling howl rings out into the blackness. Could it be? Camera flashes from eager fans capture glimpses of The Shark glancing edgeways at Hawk, who looks dead ahead. Surely not!? Fog slowly creeps across the stage. A lone spotlight shines down…] [“YEEAAAHH!”] [The WENDIGO! The frightful wolf-headed beast stands in all its terrible glory: large antlers like the limbs of a dead tree, waxy grey skin stretched over its bones, the smell of rot plaguing its open wounds.] [The cannibalistic evil spirit slowly shambles down the ramp, its bones creaking, striking fear into the hearts of the fans. The lights flicker back on to reveal Tommy and The Shark still in the ring, no idea what to make of all this…] [Wendigo ascends the stairs and enters the ring, staring a hole through The Spirit Walker. The Wendigo last manifested itself around Austin Fernando but he vanquished it… The Shark cackles at a confused and cautious Hawk, absolutely loving this. Tommy probably wishes he could summon forth The Savage right about now! He slooowly reaches behind his back for his tomahawk…] [He stops dead as The Wendigo raises a bony hand and points at him. “Ooohhh…” The fans sound wary of Tommy’s chances here – but The Wendigo points at The Shark instead! “OOOHHH!” Tommy now looks at an alarmed Shark, who takes a step back, clutching his title like a newborn baby. The Wendigo places its clawed hands upon its head and… and…] [IT’S PIG! PIG IS THE WENDIGO! HE’S PRETENDING TO GET CLOSE ENOUGH TO THE SHARK!“YEEAAAAHHH!” The fans erupt as Pig tosses the antlered wolf mask down and sheds his coat of bones! He snaps his head to the side, where Hawk still stands. Tommy, realizing that he’s not the Wendigo he’s looking for, leaves his tomahawk sheathed; he looks at the wide-eyed Shark, back to Pig, then nods and leaves.] [The Shark looks around in disbelief as the fans bay for his blood. He holds a hand up to Pig.] “Just wait—” [BIG BOOT! My god what a boot! The fans are at a fever pitch as Pig, having outsmarted his cunning tormentor, peels him off the mat. He lifts him into a crucifix – THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY! That falling neckbreaker damn near broke Shark in half. Pig waits in the corner as The Great White slowly recovers, nursing his neck. Pig flexes and SQQUUEEAALS before charging – MARCH OF THE PIGS! He cleaves through him with a headbutt spear to the gut.] [As The Shark licks his wounds on the mat, The Monster Pig turns his sights to the dropped VHS Championship. He stoops down and picks it up, staring into the gleaming plate. He holds the belt up high as he stands over his prey, the fans going stir-crazy.] [Is this a harbinger of things to come? Will Pig supercede Shark’s spot atop the food chain? Just what will happen when his foster family visits next week?] [Click.] [The picture shrinks to a white dot and vanishes completely as a Stop ■ symbol appears in the bottom corner.]