Wake the Dragon

In Promo by Goro Nakamua

Long ago, there lived a great Dragon.

In his youth, this Dragon had terrorized all that he laid eyes upon. Whatever he wanted, he took. Because none could stand against his might. All those who opposed him were burned to ashes, inspiring fear in all.

Eventually the Dragon grew tired of this domination. He found the largest mountain, hollowing it out into his resting place. He laid his head upon his golden horde, his secure future, and all was well.

Until one day a young man took something from the Dragon’s horde. The foolish brigand retreated back to his small town, holding himself up as a mighty one in his own right.

But he made a fatal mistake.

He woke the Dragon.

Rising from his peaceful respite, the Dragon was flush with fury. Leaving his mountain, the Dragon descended upon the small town of the thief.

It’s important to say here that the residents of this small town did not condone the actions of the thief. They were not responsible in any way for his actions.

But the Dragon did not care. The town burned, nonetheless. He beset upon them his vengeance, to the last man, woman, and child. They all burned, victim of the hubris of one fool.

It was not personal. It was a message to all who might try the same thing. It was the Dragon letting the world know that he will not be slighted.

It was, in other words, inevitable.

But history has a way of repeating itself, doesn’t it?

In my youth, they called me a Dragon. Whatever I desired, I took. By whatever means necessary. They would shake my hand or feel it around their neck.

Those who knew me came to fear me, but I grew tired and desired rest.

With Nakamura Industries, I carved out the largest mountain. It became my home, my place of rest, where I would conduct my business without being disturbed. The future became the past, and I laid my head upon the technologies I created.

All was well…

…until one day a young fool named Xavier disturbed my peaceful endeavor. He took something from me, retreating to some place called Old School Wrestling.

He rose to some prominence, I believe, but he would never outrun his fatal mistake.

Xavier woke the Dragon.

Now I have left my home, the place where I found peace. There is no peace within Goro Nakamura anymore.

Only the fury of a man wronged.

Only the Dragon.

So it is that I descend upon Old School Wrestling.

None of you are responsible for Xavier’s actions. None of you even know my name.

But you will.

Because I don’t care who is responsible. OSW will burn nonetheless, lambs driven to their slaughter at my vengeful hand. Pandemonium will reign as every man, woman, and child in the Slaughterhouse burn under the might of the Dragon.

You may take it personally, but I do not.

I am delivering a message, a reminder that a sleeping dragon is still a dragon.

Now I am awake.

Now I take what is mine.

Now I am…