Weapons and Assassins…

In Promo by The Impaler

Crows are intelligent dangerous birds, they can actually memorize faces, because of that they hold grudges, and they can seek revenge 

On top of all that, they can also be trained to be obedient servants, and heel to their master’s will. 

We’ve met someone who trained a member of this murderous fowl family.  

The crow became his subtle hand of destruction as the master played at manipulating the who sat atop the kingdom’s throne by having the bird drop poison into the realm’s leaders. 

The Master did not care about who sat on the throne he just cared that he controlled it. No, his true target was a collector who had a warehouse of valuable heirlooms. 

Every time the collector dodged the preverbal bullet, the master would punish the crow, and this continued until the crow decided to take his retribution upon the master’s son. 

But the master was unphased by the poisoning of his blood, to the point he watched as the crow stood above the son watching him die. 

Seeing the master undeterred the crow once more came to heel.    

Now the OSW Kingdom has been manipulated by a master and his crow and once more we watch as history repeats itself. 

He’s helped his master put a pair of black hearts on the OSW Throne. 

He’s a man with a memory so long he can be called vengeance itself. 

A crow with a hidden blade dipped in poison awaiting its next victim. 

But the Realm Walker  

One true agent of death who fears no one even let alone a god of a new world. 

Yet, he’s constantly and effectively brought to heel by an Outcast.  

It’s like the hands of fate are stuck in a loop and we just watch the world continually repeat itself through different lenses. 

Jensen, Corvus, whatever name you call yourself, you’re not better than us. 

Assassin or weapon, it is all the same. 

We both live in servitude, we both strive for our own version of vengeance against leaders who openly oppress us, yet again, and again WE ARE BROUGHT TO HEEL! 

But the difference between us Cussen is simple, yet oh so elegant. You and Death control fate on micro level, you move piece into place, and let the world play out as it will, hoping for the outcome you want. 

Legion move mountains into place, Legion snaps his fingers, and the echoes of fate buckle in our wake. 

You will help control a kingdom while we will help manipulate the universe by turning that same kingdom to rubble. 

Because while you serve a tiny minded tyrant who continues to chase Sigil like a coyote chasing the roadrunner. 

We serve a malevolent demi-god who will either bend TGK to his will or break every circuit board in his body. 

However, this week Vali has asked me for an offering of crow’s head and we will deliver. 

Because we are Legion, for we are many, so, don’t be a hero, stay down.