Traumatic Experience

In Promo by Ether

“Trauma changes people.”

“I know that’s a ‘no shit sherlock’ kind of statement to make, but people tend to forget about it until it happens to someone close to them.”

“My former buddy, who I’ll call J for anonymity’s sake, is a testament to that. Before his tragic accident, he used to be a daredevil that would never say no to performing any kind of stunt.”

“He was the kind of guy that’d try and ride a shopping cart downhill at top speed just to get a pat on the back and a buck. For J, it was all about the attention he’d gather more than the rewards.”

“One day, he tried his trademark shopping cart stunt in front of a large crowd while the road was busy as hell. He hopped in the cart and made his way down the hill at top speed.”

“Unfortunately, J couldn’t control the cart as it was speeding downhill, resulting in him crashing into an oncoming car and rocketing out to the street head first.”

“The resulting trauma he suffered turned him into a completely different person. He changed from a daredevil to a more fearful and reluctant man that wouldn’t even go near a shopping cart anymore, even to shop.”

“I understand what trauma can do to a person. It can fuck a guy up to where they become an entirely separate entity. Just ask Tureos about what it did to him.”

“Fucker went from an unassuming normal dude to a self proclaimed demon of souls after his accident. Any sign of his original persona have pretty much been swept under the proverbial rug since he’s arrived in OSW.”

“At least, that’s how it seemed at first.”

“At Dead End, Tureos had what looked like a fucking panic attack in the middle of that ring. Not long after that, he launched into a bitchfit against himself, claiming that his original self tried to fight back and regain control.”

“I have no idea what the fuck is going on inside that head of his, but whatever traumatic injury he sustained must’ve caused him to become a schizophrenic. J might’ve become a different person, but he never really fought himself like Tureos is.”

“If you needed help to get back to your old self, you should’ve came to me a long time ago. I would’ve helped straighten you out the moment you stepped foot in this federation.”

“Don’t be like J and be afraid of everything just because your head’s fucked up. Get some courage and learn to take a risk once in a while.”

“Until you learn to stop being an asshole and come out of your shell, you’re going to get your ass beat as bad as you have been since October.”

“I’m going to beat your fucking head in so bad that you’ll suffer further brain trauma. While you’re in the hospital trying to recover, I’ll head over to your room and devour you.”

“I’m a hungry girl, demon. And a hungry girl’s got to eat!”