In Promo by Tag

“You don’t need me to say it, but in my little community we have an issue that’s been a plague on us since before I was even born.”


“The boogeyman of gay sex that still scares people today.”

“But it ain’t the disease that scares me.”

“It’s the guys who choose to spread it.”

“See, these people? They’re monsters, absolutely vile fucking people who’re infected with a terrible disease and all they want to do is infect as many people as they can.”

“Misery loves company, right?”

“No one is safe, either. Men, women, my non-binary friends? They all have to look out for the disgusting, angry, worthless fuck who chooses to force his affliction onto them.”

“It’s disgusting, man.”

“Every day people like this go out, find their prey, and fuck up their lives with the infection deep inside their veins.”

“They don’t care who you are.”

“Only that they don’t have to suffer alone.”

“Now, Kaine, you fucking disgust me.”

“No, seriously, fuck you.”

“That little boogeyman I talked about? The nasty, bitter, disgusting mother fucker who spreads his incurable bullshit? That’s you, dude. Except instead of that tiny dick and a hole, it’s your fangs and their neck.”

“It started with that Williams girl who you forced into your fucked up little way of life and left her high and dry the same night she finally decided to stay with you. You ruined her life all for your sick little sense of satisfaction at having another one just like you.”

“And now? The Dead is dealing with a weeping sore and nasty puss all caused by your dirty fucking dick- I mean teeth. You sunk them right into his flesh and told him to fucking deal with what came after, huh?”

“What does it matter if someone else has the same fucked up little disease you do so long as you don’t have to be the only one, right?”

“Well, let me tell you something, Kaine. I’ve lived my entire life being terrified of people like you walking into my life and either tricking me into joining their legion of the dead… or the dead men walking as far as AIDS goes. I’ve done everything in my power to not end up a name in the obituary because of fuckers like you.”

“And let me tell you, I’ve sat back watching you play your little game for way too long, man.”

“So come at me with those pindick fangs of yours, I’m on PrEP and I ain’t fuckin’ scared of you. I’m going to do to you what should’ve been done a long time ago and knock the teeth outta your mouth.”

“Sure, I can’t uninfect your victims.”

“Yeah, you might end up crawling away with your tail between your legs before you go looking for a new unsuspecting man to be your next prey.”

“But in the end I’ll be the boogeyman you check for under your coffin.”

“Because you’re about to get tagged and bagged, fucker.”