In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

They say pride comes before the fall. It’s a true statement, ones so many kindred and kine seem to ignore when it suits them.

From kings and queens to corporate CEOs. They’ve all let their pride get the better of them, and they fall in a public spectacle.

How can so many powerful people, who have likely uttered that very phrase at some point in their lives, fall victim to it. To become an anecdote themselves?

It’s simple, when you look at it all. Their pride has taken such a deep hold, they think they’re invincible. And for a while, they are. They take such big gambles with their personal lives, and win them so often that a loss seems unfathomable.

Their pride led to an arrogance that blinded them to their own shortcomings. Once the blinders were on just right… The predators pounce on them, cutting their throats, spilling their blood and taking over their little pieces of the last prideful leader.

Even in Kindred circles, I’ve seen Princes fall over and over. But a Kindred is pride, so when one falls the way some have, it’s an entertaining collapse.

I’ve witnessed. I’ve even orchestrated on multiple Princes, of various cities. Each one failing to see their whole operation slipping out, piece by piece, from right under their noses.

You see, all Kindred operate on our own pride. A selfish desire to last as long as we can. To ensure we wake up each night in our little hideaways. Making sure we’re not the ones facing our final deaths.

Some manipulate so much, they fail to see the ropes around their necks tighten.

Happens every time, and being the one to pull that rope tight, to watch as they fall to ash.

I’m sure there are plenty of Kindred working on my downfall, for my own pride is on full display. I flaunt what I am, enjoy what I do. It’s only a matter of time.

But do you see your own downfall? I’m sure you must. So much of what you’ve built has fallen away, and yet you still hold onto so much pride it makes even my stomach turn.

You’ve watched friends die, allies turn on you, but you still think you’re top shit. Waving your belt around, flaunting yourself for all to see. Ensuring every eye is on you, and only you. How long can you last doing that? How long before all that is left of you is a hollowed out husk?

I’m looking forward to being the reason your fall happens. To show you what I’ve shown so many other Kindred. You can have another thing to hang over your own head, to pridefully show others.

You get to be the first Kine I’ve taken so much interest in, that I had to be the one to bring them you all down.

To collapse your entire life to nothing, and leave you as nothing but an empty shell.

One not even worth Embracing.