In Blacktooth, Promo by Blacktooth

“Lotsa different animals have a little bone in their body called a wishbone.”

“Ever eaten a turkey? Gnawed on chicken? If you’re real hungry, that wishbone is waiting for you to take it.”

“It’s two halves barely held together at the tip, people like to rip it right off the skeleton and play a little game. Pull it from either side, the person with the bigger piece gets to make a wish.”

“You’d think something so perfectly symmetrical wouldn’t break unevenly, wouldn’t ya? But you’d be wrong. See, every wishbone has a dominant half to it.”

“One that’s inherently stronger, that can handle more stress and resist the urge to crack when ya yank it.”

“There’s always gotta be a losin’ half, it just takes a little stress to let the world see it.”

“And the person holdin’ winnin’ half? They get to make a little wish when it’s all over.”

“Two halves of one brittle little whole, Gemini. You ain’t much different than a wishbone, but you’re a helluva lot more complicated. One one end we got a dark hearted bitch lookin’ to fuck the world.”

“And on the other? A kind faced little flower ready to be trampled under foot.”

“We can already tell which of you two is the stronger one, right? If you get some pressure put on you and one of you is forced to break then obviously it’ll be little miss sunshine who gets snapped off the body.”

“She’ll die, she’ll be weaker.”

“But that ain’t gonna make the darker girl stronger.”

“Because the wishbone? It relies on being whole. Sure, one half is dominant, but it relies on its lesser side for stability and strength. You don’t push down on it to break it, you don’t strike it.”

“It ain’t until you start pullin’ them apart that the bone actually breaks. These sides need one another about as much as I need a meal in my stomach.”


“See, the beauty of the wishbone? Breaking it has never helped the wishbone get stronger.”

“Nah, when you play wishbone, the only person who wins is the one holdin’ onto the bigger piece.”

“At the end of the day, Gemini, you’re just another meal for me sittin’ on this big buffet we call Arcadia. You’re here for me to chew through, to rip apart piece by piece until my stomach’s full and I’ve had my fill.”

“Once you’re down on the ground pleadin’, beggin’ for some kinda mercy? Well, that’s when I’m gonna grab either side of you and play a little game of wishbone for myself.”

“Yankin’ until ya snap in two.”

“Once I’m done? I’ll be left with two halves of a shattered whole.””

“A dead bitch in one hand.”

“A wilted flower in the other.”

“Then I’m gonna make a wish, Gemini.”

“And my wish?”

“To get into that championship match. To get one step closer to the most savory, most delicious meat at the top of the mountain.”

“Hope you’re ready, girls.”

“Because I’m about to ring that dinner bell.”