Turn Around

In EMM, Promo by El Mariachi Muerte

There is someone
Walking behind you
Turn around, look at me

All he wanted was one photograph. The perfect snapshot of her.

All he required was information. To watch her and investigate.

It is what they wanted of him, and he would always give the people what they want.

It mattered not how he achieved his goal, all that mattered was the story. The photo.

He watched her from the shadows, finger poised on the button. Ready for his moment.

But people don’t tend to like it when you secretly take their picture without consent. He would find the hard way what happens when you try to take photos of the wrong people and sell them to the highest bidder.

‘Turn around, look at me’

The words still on his lips as they walked up behind him and exposed his hiding place. His finger, still eagerly working the shutter, chopped off in one foul swoop of poetic irony. His head would be next.

For the sake of one photograph, one best-selling story, he would never write again.

There is someone
Watching your footsteps
Turn around, look at me

His reputation caught up with him that day.

The realm of death is filled with the greedy and foolish alike. When greedy fools make grave mistakes, they find themselves within my melodies.

His demise captured in this ballad.

‘Turn around, look at me’

It is the very predicament you find yourself pushed into, Colt Ramsey.

Your reputation has preceded you, and sure you’ve made a name for yourself with your investigations. But the more stories you have broken, the more the eyes have turned to you.

Watching your footsteps.

While your eyes have been trained on the next big story, you’ve only caught the attention of one Ceasar XL. And fight as you want, you know he’s not the kind of man that enjoys being told no.

It’s only a matter of time until Zeus sees your rebellion, too. Then he’s going to take more than your finger. He’ll be coming for your head.

There are eyes everywhere. As you watch from the shadows, investigating and gathering information on the fabled council, they will be watching your every move. Spying on you as you spy on them.

It is a game that you simply cannot win.

An investigation that will ultimately lead to your story being told through my guitar.

Turn around
Look at me
Understand, understand

The Trigger-Happy Photographer found out the hard way what happens when you take photos of the wrong people. Powerful people that want to remain secretive.

In his greed for a story, he lost his head.

As will you, Colt Ramsey.

Understand, understand… That when that greed for exposing the big scoop takes over, and you can no longer say no, you will be sealing your own fate with the click of a shutter on your camera.

Then it will be my reputation, not yours that people remember.

Your story told in song.

The story of a greedy fool who couldn’t tell when to walk away.

Turn around, Colt Ramsey, death welcomes you.