Zala Alqamar

In Gemini Dark, Promo by Gemini

I remember the flames as I conjured the spirits of Zala Alqamar.

They rose forth, split from the runes I had placed before them, defying the infernal cauldron below them.

As they filled my body, dark energy exploded through my body. It was climactic!

But as it settled in, so came the emptiness.

The hunger.

It cursed me, for hunger is a cruel and unforgiving beast that can never be quenched. It eats at your insides, consumes your very soul, and leaves you feeling empty and alone.

The monster inside me grew and grew, a constant gnawing hunger pain.

It drives you to do things you never thought you’d do. It turns you into something you never wanted to be.

You try to fill the void, but nothing satisfies. The hunger only grows, a never-ending cycle.

It consumes your mind, body, and very soul.

Until there’s nothing left, just an empty shell.

But even in death, the hunger remains, eternally gnawing at your very being.

It is a curse that can never be lifted.

Thus is the hunger of Zala Alqamar.

I see in Black Tooth that very hunger.

Whoever he was before he was beset with it is irrelevant. All that matters for the man who calls himself the Devil is reaching the high he felt the first time he set himself on a victim.

Or a meal, as he calls them.

But that high eludes him, leaving him empty. Like a dragon, it burns the brightest when it has fuel for its flames.

So he fuels that dragon, feasting on all those weaker than he and his followers. But he may as well be eating himself, because for all of his so-called power he is nothing more than a bottom feeder struggling for his next meal like the rest of us.

So the dragon inside grows, constantly consuming him from the inside.

Nothing satisfies. Nothing is ever enough.

Until the dragon, that cruel and unforgiving beast, finally consumes his entire being.

And then in death, Black Tooth will be just another meal for his so-called survivors.

I know you believe yourself to be the dragon, Black Tooth, not its victim.

But even behind my flaming cauldron, I see through you.

Rotting teeth, no different than the clack addicts in the lowest levels.

You found a high through brutality, and now it’s all that you can think about. You’ve become addicted to the high of impersonating the creature you say you are.

The Devil?

Ha! I’ve met the Devil, Black Tooth, and you’re not fit to empty his chamber pot.

He lurks in my cauldron, behind ash and flame. If you wish to meet him, I’ll gladly arrange a meeting.

The runes have been placed, Black Tooth. All that awaits you is the arrival of Zala Alqamar.

The Moon Shadow.


I am the embodiment of The Void, a curse of eternal hunger that can never be satisfied.

My insatiable appetite consumes all in its path.

Even false devils.

And Black Tooth, I regret to inform you that I am a curse that will never be lifted.

Not even in your death.