Worse than Dying…

In Harold Attano, Promo by Harold Attano

Mr. Nobody, having left the note with Pegg stands outside the Medical Sector quietly smoking a cigarette in one of the more out of the way locations and as he ashes his smoke he begins to talk to himself.  

“He’s clinging to life, that’s good, keep fighting Ben, I know I can’t wait to talk to you.” 

Harold takes another drag off his cancer stick exhaling deliberately smoke slowly leaving his nose and mouth. 

“But who knows, maybe you’re better off closing your eyes for good.  Because there are worse things than dying, and I can tell you from experience.” 

Attano turns his eyes to look in the direction of the stairs which lead to Deathrow. 

“Yeah, definitely fates worse than death.  Take Sisyphus as an example he led a thriving community on one of the levels of Arcadia.  Hades attempted to have him killed, and well… Sisyphus managed to escape twice.” 

Harold shakes his head as he takes another drag and exhales the smoke slowly. 

“The third time Hades didn’t kill him.  The Lord of the Underworld had a small army capture Sisyphus dragging him into the underworld forcing the man to roll a large stone up a steep hill.  The thing is Hades made sure every time Sisyphus got close to the top, well that stone would roll all the way back down.” 

Mr. Nobody scoffs as a thought crosses his mind. 

“There are truly fates worse than death.  Take Tombstone as an example.  He was the Ferryman.  He was someone who struck fear in the hearts of mortal men.  However, Dewitt’s condition has turned The Courier of the Dead into someone akin to Sisyphus.  Destined to continue pushing a fucking rock up the hill, and every time the Explorer opens his eyes, the rock is right back where it started.” 

Harold smirks as he knocks the ash off his cigarette.  

“Why does he do this, because he’s responsible for balancing the scales of the living and the dead by transporting souls to the other side? What Tombstone can’t understand, those scales have always had someone’s thumb on them, there’s no balancing them.” 

Attano now snuffs his cigarette on the bottom of his boot as he continues to speak. 

“Now it’s just more evident because he has the one man with an onboard reset button.  So, Tombstone, keep pushing the stone up the hill.  While you’re distracted, I’ll keep my thumb on that scale sending soul after soul beyond those gates with no one to ferry them to their rightful destination.  All because you keep chasing the soul you will never be able to ferry.” 

Harold takes the butt of his cigarette and flicks it away. 

“So, keep trying to play delivery boy for this poor soul who will never find peace in his existence, Mr. Nobody will continue to be the Grim Reaper by reaping your Rewind Championship reign making it nothing but a memory. Don’t worry though, Nobody will remember it before it’s cast aside into history’s…” 

With that said, Harold walks away tapping the sign above his head, “Morgue”.