In Kaiju Chiba, Promo by Kaiju Chiba

A while back, I knew this old lady.

She was what some people call a pack rat.

She saved everything. Every last dollar, and every last trinket.

To her, everything around her was beautiful and worth saving.

But there was a problem.

She had a series of antique plates and bowls. They were once proud, noble things. But had over time, through no fault of her own, become tarnished, worse for wear, and lost their worth.

But something inside of her compelled her to try and save them, just as she did everything else.

So she set to work. She cleaned. She shined. She polished. She used every last bit of elbow grease she had to try to restore those dishes.

To save them.

Only to realize that, no matter what she did, nothing — absolutely nothing, could save them.

She cried. She wept. She screamed at Zeus himself from her kitchen packed full of items, “Why can’t these be saved!?! Why!?!”

And then, as though Zeus could hear her and answer, a voice in her head gave her the answer.

When something loses all of its worth, its no longer worth saving.

So she called over a junk man. He took all the dishes to the trash for her, and got rid of them.

Blacktooth, I used to be just like that old lady.

I used to think all of humanity was worth saving, and I would do every last thing I could to save them. I would clean. I would shine. I would polish.

But in the end, I had to realize that through no fault of my own, some people had just become tarnished, worse for wear, and worthless.

And not worth saving.

You, and all those Blood Runners, all those vile and worthless cannibal followers of yours?

You’ve tarnished yourselves.

Made yourselves worse for wear.

Made yourselves worthless.

And when someone becomes so debased, so tarnished, that they dont even try to save themselves from losing their worth?

They simply cannot be saved.

No matter how badly one tries to save them.

But I’m not like her anymore.

Now? I’m like the junk man. I can tell the difference in those who are worthless versus those who are worth saving.

And when I see a bunch of tarnished, worthless people, I don’t save them, Blacktooth.

I get rid of them.

Which is exactly what I’m doing to you at Ring of Dreams.

So go ahead. Take part in all those nasty activities you so enjoy. Continue to devalue yourself and your followers. Continue to tarnish yourselves. Continue to render yourselves worthless.

Because I’m more than just the man who saves.

I’m the man with an empty bin, forcing you to get in it.

So climb in.

Or don’t.

Make me get you in the bin.

Because the only thing I love more than saving those who still have value in this world…

Is taking out the fucking trash.

Besides. If not me, then who?