Advocating Defection

In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

We appear before a white screen with an ominous backing track playing at a soft, but noticeable volume. Blaze walks in from the right side, not paying attention to the camera that’s filming him until he very nearly positions himself in the middle. When he gets to his desired position, he snaps his head towards the camera.

“You are fighting for the wrong cause.”

As he finishes that sentence, we jump cut to a closer shot of the Burning Man as he continues to speak.

“You are going to war upon the behest of a movement that you don’t even believe in.”

We jump again, this time to a shot of just Judgement’s head and shoulders. The word ‘distrust’ appears on the left before fading out just as quickly.

“The commander that leads you? She doesn’t trust you as far as she can throw you.”

Another jump cut to a different view of the Scale Holder. ‘Pawn’ appears on his right before fading away as well.

“You are nothing but a disposable asset in her grand plan. A mere drone ant in her colony.”

We jump back to the original view.

“So why not jump ship and fight for the side of Zeus? He’s clearly going to win this battle.”

Jump cut to Blaze smacking the back of one hand against the other. As he does this, words fly from out of his hands to the left side of the screen.

“He has the manpower.”


“He has the support of the people.”


“He even has the means to pardon you of all the crimes you have committed.”

‘Amnesty’. After that word appears, we jump cut to a close up of Blaze’s face.

“So do the right thing and ditch the Uprising for your one true shot at freedom.”

Jump cut to another angle of the Balancer.

“You aren’t truly free under Narcissa’s watch. You might’ve broken free of one pair of chains, but you instantly got another slapped on you.”

Jump cut to a new angle. The word ‘acceptance’ appears on the right before quickly fading away.

“By abandoning her group of unwanted criminals, you might just regain the trust and favor of the common people.”

Another angle change.

“Maybe your brother will respect you again, allowing you to rejoin the pack like any self respecting coyote should.”

Cut to another angle. ‘Balance’ appears on the left before fading away.

“Perhaps the scales of justice will tip back in your favor, causing Judgement to forgive you for all the chaos you created while under Narcissa’s thumb.”

Jump to a headshot of Blaze.

“So go ahead. Defect from the rebellion. Zeus will make sure nothing bad will happen to you if you take him up on his offer.”

Cut to another angle.

“The scales of justice might await, but if you listen to the little devil on your shoulder, justice will favor you.”


“Hey, I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know.”

The white screen fades to black with ‘Blaze’ being written in all red. We cut to nothing as the music ends.