Attempted Sabotage

In Mr. Kleen, Promo by Mr. Kleen

[Mr. Kleen is seen in the company break room, nursing his head from the chair shot sustained from Roderick Pym with an ice pack. He groans as he holds it on the sorest spot, placing as much pressure on it as he possibly can.]

“Those Uprising rats… they think they can just run around Olympus and create mayhem without any repercussions? They got another thing coming if they truly believe that, right Moppy?”

[We pan to the left, revealing the Mop of Justice resting on the side of the fridge. The janitor scoffs as he stands up, walking over to his trusted tool and best friend.]

“That creep who hit me with a chair has me thinking about the time the other janitors planned to get me fired. They weren’t violent, but they were just as slimy when it came to getting what they wanted.”

[He sighs, picking up the mop with his free hand.]

“You remember them, don’t you Moppy? They wanted me fired because I had a system that demanded them to be thorough and working all throughout the clock.”

“They wanted to work at their own pace and less strenuously. Knowing that I wouldn’t back down from my system and them viewing me as a tyrant, they teamed up with an executive to get me removed.”

[He shakes his head.]

“They tried to make me look incompetent by sabotaging my cleaning solutions and breaking all my tools. When I confronted them about it, they played dumb and acted like it was all my fault that the offices weren’t getting any cleaner.”

[He sets the ice pack aside for a moment to feel the bump on his head. Nodding, he opens the freezer door and places the ice pack inside.]

“Despite all their efforts to get me removed from the ACA, I worked even harder to make sure the offices were cleaned to perfection. My tools might’ve been busted and my solution might’ve been diluted, but I wouldn’t let my system fail.”

[Kleen scoffs.]

“As for them? Well, Mr. Boswick eventually caught them trying to tamper with my equipment and they outed their leader, saying that it was all their idea to begin with.”

[A brief pause.]

“Needless to say, they were all fired on the spot.”

[The janitor walks out of the break room with his mop in tow, seemingly heading back to his office.]

“Zeus has a working system in place too, and he’s not going to let an unfaithful wife and a bunch of prison rats disrupt it. When push comes to shove, they’ll all turn their backs on you and run back to Deathrow with their tails between their legs.”

[He approaches the door to his office, opening it.]

“And at the end, you’ll be left with an angry mob that wants you dead. The ACA is more than happy to give them exactly what they want, too.”

[The scene starts to fade to black as Kleen goes through the doorway.]

“No matter what happens, the Uprising will be wiped away and our hands will remain clean.”